Report: YouTube to Relaunch with Gaming-Focused Livestreaming, Reveal Coming at E3 2015

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It seems like Google is looking to up the ante with their YouTube-integrated livestreaming service, in the wake of Amazon purchasing Twitch TV last year.

In a report via The Daily Dot, various sources have claimed that Google is going to completely relaunch their livestreaming options on YouTube, only to shift their focus onto the burgeoning Let’s Play scene.

As one source reportedly said:

“Gaming and eSports in particular are going to be a big driving force for the new-look YouTube Live. There’ll be huge opportunities for established streamers and organizations soon and I would say that the record numbers of eSports viewers are only going to grow when Google start promoting and partnering with these events.”

YouTube responded to questions about the report, although their response to the Daily Dot was quite the tease. Another source told the Daily Dot that hiring for the new project has already begun, and there are 50 engineers who are working on the team.

Finally, the sources are claiming that Google will make the announcement for their new, revamped livestreaming during E3 2015, which goes down on June 16-18. For now, classify this as a rumor – but we’ll keep you guys posted.

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