Twitter Campaign #Operation422 is Trying to Bring Valkyria Chronicles 3 Overseas


If you’ve been patrolling the Twittersphere as of late, you may have noticed an ambitious NeoGaf user by the name of Sven Dahl attempting to start a social media campaign to bring Valkyria Chronicles 3 overseas. Called #Operation422, presumably named after the 422nd Penal Battalion whose story VC3 follows, the campaign is designed to attract the attention of Sega in a similar fashion to the previous Sega-related change.org petition.

Here’s a portion of Sven’s Manifesto:

Operation 422 is a renewed campaign to encourage Sega to bring Valkyria Chronicles 3 to western markets – No matter the platform. You may have looked at older campaigns, like the ill-fated Gallian Liberation Front and came to the conclusion that this is a lost cause. It isn’t. 2011 presented a very different environment compared to 2015 – Namely, it had just been going off of the embarassment of Valkyria Chronicles 2, which naturally doomed the third game at the time.


We are not asking for a fullblown remake, premium remastering, or whole new game. We are asking for a localization and western release on any non-PSP platform. PS4… 3DS… Or for obvious reasons, PC. The great reactions to the PC release of Valkyria Chronicles in the PC Gaming Community and internally at Sega proved that the series has a future in the west, and now is the time to capitalize on that future. There are two roads that can be taken here – Sit content with the results of Valkyria Chronicles PC and let the series once more drift into the abyss, or act on the opportunity it has created and restore the IP to its deserved glory and amend the sour note left by Valkyria Chronicles 3‘s absence in western markets.

While it’s impossible to tell to what degree the previous petition influenced Sega’s decision-making, recent reports of internal shakeups causing the company to cut 300 jobs may be another key reason in encouraging Sega to focus more on the PC markets. Several of their published titles, such as Creative Assembly’s Total War series, have been strong sellers, and with the console industry declining in Japan, we may be witnessing the beginning of a trend of Sega localizing and porting its IPs to alleviate its financial woes.

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