Comedy RPG, Citizens of Earth, is Getting a Demo

citizens of earth 2015-02-15

There have been rumblings that the recently released comedy RPG, Citizens of Earth, is buggy and/or broken.* In a show of good faith, developers Eden Industries have responded by live-streaming their bug squashing over on Twitch. Atlus, the game’s publisher, is so determined to prove that the game is worthy of people’s money that it’s even going a step further: it will be providing a demo of the game, too.

Citizens of Earth is already available for purchase, while the game’s demo will arrive on the Playstation Store (for PS4/Vita), Nintendo eShop (Wii U/3DS), and Steam (Windows PC) for North America from February 17, and for PAL regions from February 18 or 19.

* See the comments on our previous article about the game. Our reviewer notes that quests can break, but that Citizens of Earth otherwise runs mostly fine on his Vita. Niche Gamer will have a review up shortly.

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