New Banjo Kazooie Reveal is Teased for Next Edge Magazine

banjo kazooi nuts and bolts 01-23-15-1

It seems like we’re going to get a new Banjo Kazooie reveal next month.

Grant Kirkhope, composer on the original games, confirmed the news over on his personal Twitter:

“Ok, I think next month’s Edge should have something interesting for all you Banjo Kazooie fans, that’s all I can say!”

However, once fans started clamoring and probably making his Twitter feed explode, he backpedaled a bit:

“oh dear …. I knew this would get out of hand! It isn’t a BK game ……”

So what could it be? An HD re-release? Did Kirkhope say too much?

It’s worth mentioning that Microsoft studios creative director Ken Lobb said that Microsoft “has plans” for older series like Banjo Kazooie.

Brandon Orselli


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