Watch the English Trailer for Atelier Ayesha Plus’ Western Launch [UPDATE]

[UPDATE: those who buy the game early, between its release and February 10th, will receive bonus character costumes, according to the Playstation blog.]

Atelier Ayesha Plus: The Alchemist of Dusk has a new launch trailer out, featured above, in celebration of its Western launch, which happened yesterday. Check it out above.

We get to meet the game’s cast of characters, including Ayesha Altugle herself; Regina Curtis, a ruins excavator; Wilbell voll Erslied, a magician; Juris Grunden, a hunter; Linca, the bodyguard;  Keithgriff Hazeldine, the foreign alchemist; Marion Quinn, the “government official from a distant place”; Odelia, the Zweiteturm Librarian; and, finally, Nio Altugle, Ayesha’s younger sister and “household helper”.

In The Alchemist of Dusk, you play as a young alchemist who goes on an “extraordinary adventure” to find her sister. As the trailer points out, Plus has dual language audio, album missions, and new game modes that weren’t in the original PS3 release of the game.

If you missed our screen dump of the game, feel free to peruse the gallery.

The game is available from January 13 in North America, and January 14 in Europe, for $49.99 and 49.99 respectively on the PS3, and for $39.99 and €39.99 on the PS Vita.

[Editor’s note: the article initially claimed the game was yet to launch. This has been corrected.]

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