Game Freak is Preparing to Reveal Their Next Game

harmoknight 12-27-14-1

The end of the year teasing is continuing. 4Gamer held a massive number of interviews with various Japanese developers, one of them featuring Game Freak developer Tetsuya Watanabe.

When polled for what game(s) the company might be working on, Watanabe responded:

“We’re working on a bunch of new stuff in regards to our next game, so right now we’re just focusing on priming it for a reveal. We really hope, from the bottom of our hearts, that our game will be worth the wait, once we can reveal it.”

It’s worth noting that Watanabe has worked on a number of Pokemon titles, as well as the recent new IP, HarmoKnight (pictured above) on the Nintendo 3DS.

Could this be a brand new IP? A remake of Pokemon Emerald?

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