A Creepy Rendition of “Silent Night” Over Game Footage from The Order: 1886

Over on the Playstation Blog, all of the development studios have been wishing the fans a happy holiday. Ready at Dawn went a little further and put together a new video for The Order: 1886 for the occasion, called “Silent Night”. It’s mostly old, remixed footage but there’s some new in there as well. You can watch it above.

The developers also made something cute for Christmas …

the order 1886 2014-12-25

With the holiday video, the Christmas e-card, and the modern-day, live-action viral video, they’re slowly starting to win me over.

However, I’m getting the impression that a lot of people are wary of the game, so I’m wondering how it will fare. Has this game made an impression on you, and are you interested? Or are the possibly poor gameplay and the ostensibly unimpressive technical details keeping you away? Brandon was impressed in his hands-on preview of the game, but I want to know what you think, too.

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