New Final Fantasy XV Trailer Reveals the City of Restalm, and Cindy the Mechanic [UPDATE: Extra Footage, Details] - Niche Gamer New Final Fantasy XV Trailer Reveals the City of Restalm, and Cindy the Mechanic [UPDATE: Extra Footage, Details] - Niche Gamer

New Final Fantasy XV Trailer Reveals the City of Restalm, and Cindy the Mechanic [UPDATE: Extra Footage, Details]

Square Enix has revealed a brand new trailer for Final Fantasy XV at this year’s Jump Festa. It’s featured above.

This new trailer reveals more story, gameplay, environments, and characters. Of particular note is the previously teased gender bent Cid, whom we now know as Cindy, the mechanic.

The trailer gives some juicy hints about the larger story of the game, too. There’s something about the Niflheim Empire taking a crystal from the crown city, and an invasion.


After the official trailer, Square Enix revealed even more about the game. We’ve time-stamped the video for your convenience.]

Cindy the Mechanic

Cindy the mechanic’s introduction in the game was shown in full, although we didn’t get to hear more of her ridiculously exaggerated American accent.

Her role in Final Fantasy XV isn’t a big one, but she apparently is important to the game. Cindy will be appearing in the Episode Duscae demo, too.

The town of Restalm

The seaside town showcased in the trailer, which is still in development over at Square Enix, is called Restalm. Director Hajime Tabata says it’s one of the smaller settlements in the game.

Even more of the town was revealed later in the presentation, first using Noctis, and then via an NPC dog in order to avoid spoilers that would be triggered by Noctis’ presence. Players will be able to drive around the town, and stay at hotels, where they can eat and rest. It really does look like an authentic seaside city.

Apparently Restalm somehow has a major connection to the titan shown in the trailer. Neither the titan nor Restalm will be available in the demo.

Cor Leonis

The player’s party apparently doesn’t have fixed members, so guests like Cor, pictured below, who appeared in last year’s E3 trailer, will be able to join the party as a fighter. Cor is the head of the Royal Family Guards, and acts as a guardian to the group.

cor leonis final fantasy xv

And everything else

Sleep and camping is important in Final Fantasy XV. Players who don’t sleep will be unable to use buffs during battle, and in order to level up, players must rest at camp. Players can stay awake for a maximum of three in-game days before suffering negative effects.

Players will be able to buy food at markets and prepare it at campsites, which will confer buffs on the characters, and well-rested characters will maintain those food buffs for longer.

A Final Fantasy staple, summons, will be part of the game. Summons can be acquired by satisfying various conditions in the game. Players will also engage summons in battle. The titan shown in the trailer is apparently one such summons, and to make up for its absence in the Duscae Episode demo, players will instead be given another summons to control; what this summons will be wasn’t revealed.

The reason magic hasn’t been shown off much is because the team is more concerned with getting the core combat right at the moment, says Tabata. Before something is shown to the public, it needs to be polished, and at the moment the team wants to focus on showing off the variety available in melee combat. According to Final Fantasy XV‘s lore, Noctis is the only one who is able to use magic; but party members will be able to use a special system so they can take advantage of magic, too, in order to add some variety.

Final Fantasy XV is currently in development for both Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Those who just can’t wait until next year can purchase a copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, which will provide access to Episode Duscae, the demo of Final Fantasy XV. Both English and Japanese voice-overs are planned for the Episode Duscae demo. Don’t worry if you can’t afford Type-0 HD, as Square Enix are planning to release the Tokyo Game Show demo for free at some point.

(Thanks to UxianXIII for the image of Cor Leonis. Check out the rest of their Final Fantasy XV portraits here.)

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