New Tales of Zestiria Party Member Confirmed


The new weekly Jump had some very interesting Tales of Zestiria news.

A new character, Rose, has been confirmed as a party member. She appears in the Jump issue with two short swords or daggers strapped around her belt, so it’s likely she’ll fight with twin daggers. Also announced was four members of a guild that Rose belongs to, named “Feather of Sekirei” (セキレイの羽).

Their leader is Aiguille (VA: Yasunori Masutani), and the other members are Roche (VA: Mitsuru Miyamoto), Anne Phil (VA: Ami Koshimizu), and Anne Torume (VA: Yuki Kaji).

In addition to all of this, it was shown that Rose will also be able to Kamui fuse with the party’s four Seraphs. Same as with Sorey, her weapons and fighting style will change when fused. It’s also fully possible for her and Sorey to both be fused at the same time.

Tales of Zestiria is still set for release in Japan on January 22nd, with no specific NA or EU date yet.

Chris Gregoria


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