It’s Official – Play2Win is Now Sponsored by YouPorn, Now Known as Team YP

team youporn 12-4-14-1

Remember when we reported on YouPorn trying to get into the eSports business, back in August?

Since then, a new design for their uniforms has been surfaced, and they’ve signed a deal with Spanish eSports team, Play2Win. They’ll be known from now onward as Team YP, or, Team YouPorn. Play2Win is known for playing DOTA 2, League of Legends, and Hearthstone.

The previous design simply had “YP” on the uniforms, so it kind of makes sense that “YouPorn” was truncated to just “YP,” which is probably to avoid backlash from the prudes in the gaming industry.

Finally, if you didn’t realize already – the logo was also rebranded to a sword penetrating a giant mountain. Please never change, YouPorn.

Brandon Orselli


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