That Ghost in the Shell Online FPS is Still in Development

Nexon announced a partnership with Japanese publisher Kodansha back in 2012 for the exclusive rights to make games based on the acclaimed cyberpunk series, Ghost in the Shell. Naturally, I was crazy excited as I’m a huge fan of the Mamoru Oshii original, and by proxy, the original manga. (I own both.) The first of these game adaptations was confirmed to be Ghost in the Shell Online, an online first person shooter.

The game was supposed to launch in the first half of this year, but nothing happened, unfortunately. However, now a new trailer for Ghost in the Shell Online has surfaced from this year’s G-Star expo in South Korea. Nexon is trying to incorporate artificial intelligence into the game in a way that creates a cooperative battle mode.

Ghost in the Shell Online appears to have factions like any other online shooter, as well as the ability to play as the main characters from the source material, like Major Motoko Kusanagi, Bateau, and Togusa. The aforementioned artificial intelligence is supposed to enable players to share skills among themslves using an “electronic brain network,” although—like any shooter—you’ll have to get better with experience.

One of the most hilarious things is seeing the smiling face censoring the headshots—a reminder that Ghost in the Shell Online hasn’t been confirmed for a western release just yet.

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