The Ancient Labyrinth Downloadable Content is Revealed for Lords of the Fallen

lords of the fallen 11-06-14-1

CI Games have announced the first downloadable content for Lords of the Fallen.

The new DLC, dubbed simply “Ancient Labyrinth”, is coming to all platforms some time this winter. It features a campaign that focuses on exploration and puzzles, as well as more battles with those undead beasties.

Here are the features of the DLC, straight from CI Games:

  • A powerful ancient Lord, a magical foe who changes his powers continuously throughout the battle, keeping players on their toes
  • A new location, The Library, filled with puzzles, environmental riddles and history of Harkyn’s world
  • A new puzzle-based gameplay mechanic
  • An all-new quest centered around the story of immortal, powerful demons
  • Side-quests and NPCs with an agenda that affects the war between human and demonic realms
  • New armor and weapons

Once purchased and installed, The Ancient Labyrinth DLC will be made available via a new door within the game world.

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