Short Movies Featuring Pikmin are Coming to the Nintendo eShop

pikmin 11-03-14-1

Nintendo is looking to bring the Pikmin short movies, which debuted at this year’s Tokyo Film Festival, to the eShop.

The 20-minute film, directed by Nintendo mastermind Shigeru Miyamoto, was confirmed to be officially released on the digital store during the latest Semi-Annual Financial Results Briefing Q&A Session.

While a 20-minute video doesn’t sound that long for a movie adaptation of a video game, it is broken up into three parts:

“The Night Juicer”—Captain Olimar makes some juice.
“Treasures in a Bottle”—Pikmin stumble upon a treasure.
“Occupational Hazards”—Pikmin find themselves at a construction site.

A release date and price have not been announced yet.

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