Playstation 4 Update 2.0 is Crashing Systems Put in Rest Mode and Causing Youtube App Bugs

playstation 4 11-02-14-1

While Update 2.0 has brought a ton of new features to Sony’s PlayStation 4, it seems like it also brought with it some issues.

The most notable of unwanted features in the new update is the system’s Rest Mode causing the entire system to crash, for no apparent reason. The reports of the consoles not being able to exit Rest Mode have been reported all over both the Sony forums and the PS4 subreddit. To be clear, if you simply power the system down entirely, you’ll avoid this entire debacle.

The end users have mostly claimed the same thing—after updating to version 2.0 and putting the console into Rest Mode, they experienced a hardware crash and weren’t able to resume the regular system functionality. Sony has advised users who are plagued with this error to just reboot their consoles with Safe Mode, but a fix is presumably incoming in a new update.

Lastly, other users are reporting a bug with the native YouTube app, where the app itself stops functioning after a video is queued for upload.

We’ll keep you guys posted.

Brandon Orselli


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