Twitch is Making Broadcasters Who are Paid by Sponsors Publicly Disclose It

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Following the news of Steam forcing their Curators to publicly disclose which recommendations are paid and which are not, it seems like Twitch is stepping up to the plate as well.

The company has announced that some updates to their terms of service have been made to help clarify which streams/content are paid by sponsors, and which are not. They’ve said that for the most part everything has been honky dory, but sometimes there are some disingenuous folk who do some pretty scummy things:

Sometimes though, because of a lack of clear best practices and shifting regulatory guidelines, coupled with a sometimes less-than-transparent sponsor relationship, these kinds of campaigns have become a bit of a dark corner in the industry, and that’s bad for everyone.

To be clear, Twitch is simply trying to segregate what content is purely for fun/the creator, and what content is directly paid for by the sponsor/parent company. From now onwards, paid content is going to have a “Sponsored” tag to help identify that the streamer has been paid to provide coverage of the game.

What do you guys think? Are we seeing a true embrace of better policies/ethics?

Brandon Orselli


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