Square has Launched a Final Fantasy Typing-Battle Game for Mobile

Square Enix has released a Typing of the Dead meets Final Fantasy game in the form of Final Fantasy World Wide Words.

Featured above, you can view a trailer showcasing a bit of gameplay for the mobile-bound title. Think of it like as a literal combination of Theatrhythm and Typing of the Dead, as that’s primarily how you’ll win in battles.

When you type things out you’ll unleash special attacks or classes of magic to deal out the hurt to your enemies. There are naturally lots of different stages, enemies, and characters from all of the Final Fantasy games.

You can unlock new characters, while fusing them together will result in leveling up. You can build entirely new abilities, or customize existing ones, and there’s even a Chocobo Farm mini-game!

Final Fantasy World Wide Words is readily available in Japan on Android, while an iOS release is coming shortly.

Brandon Orselli


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