Star Citizen Reaches an Earth-Shattering $50 Million in Crowd Funding

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Star Citizen isn’t slowing down for anyone, as far as their ongoing crowd funding campaign is going. The space simulator crafted in epic scale has just broke $50 million dollars, and the new milestone seems to have come alongside their new stunning CGI commercial.

You could also attribute the new influx of funds from the addition of “The 2945 RSI Constellation Lineup”, which is a collection of four new spaceships, and the price range between $150-$350.

So what is the team at Star Citizen doing to entice players to keep collectively throwing their money at them? Well, the stretch goal achieved at $50 million adds “distinctive and realistic alien languages” that will be expertly crafted by professional linguists.

These languages will be intended for the game’s current three alien races: the Vanduul, the Xi’An, and the Banu. Coming from this, the team is promising that each of the aliens “will be speaking their own authentic languages.”

Star Citizen is coming to PC and Linux sometime in 2015.

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