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Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is Revealed for Smartphones

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We missed the ball on a countdown site of sorts that Square Enix had been running for the past few days, but we do have the scoop on the game it revealed – Final Fantasy: Record Keeper.

In a confirmation from Dengeki, we’ve learned that the title is heading to iOS and Android devices, and it will feature a robust cast of characters from all the previously released Final Fantasy games.

Square Enix is taking pre-registrations for the title, and anyone who registers will receive five Mythril at launch. Screenshots posted on the Dengeki article lead me to believe that battles will pan out like classic Final Fantasy games, i.e. with a party of four (or more) fighting in turn based-battles.

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The protagonist of Record Keeper is a boy named simply “Apprentice,” who is sent into a world of memories that are trapped within paintings. Apprentice has to relive the memories of the past Final Fantasy games, some of which include Zanarkand, the Northern Cave, and even the big bridge.

There will even be protagonists from past games (as featured above) like Final Fantasy 7’s Cloud Strife, Final Fantasy 9’s Zidane Tribal, and Final Fantasy 3’s Lumeth. All of these characters can be recruited by successfully completing dungeons in the game.

A release date was not confirmed – but we’ll keep you guys posted.

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