NicheCast – Episode 07

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So you’re a regular visitor at Niche Gamer? The obscure games, the niche games, the weird games, whatever you want to call them, we love them and we know that you love them as well. We only cover these games on our regular feed, and we only cover them on our podcast as well.

The topic of the week for this week is the disparity between sexual censorship, and the passing of gratuitous violence. We’ve talked about it before a lot here at Niche Gamer, but with the news that NIS America is bringing over Criminal Girls: Invite Only, only to presumably have its controversial punishment mini-game removed, we had to talk about it.

You can enjoy our podcast below, or you can download it here (right click and save as).

The songs in today’s podcast are both from the “A Cause to Daikon For” downloadable content for Muramasa Rebirth, in celebration of the third pack of DLC, “A Spirited Seven Nights’ Haunting” coming to both Japan and the west this week into next week. The intro track is Fugaku WaruGoro Match, while the ending theme is the credits roll theme featured after you complete the downloadable content.

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