Ar no Surge is Coming to Europe on Playstation 3

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Tecmo Koei Europe has confirmed that it is bringing Ar noSurge to the West in the form of Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star, for the PlayStation 3. The game will hit Europe on September 26th.

For our American readers, a release in our country hasn’t been decided upon yet, according to Tecmo Koei Europe. The recently announced enhanced Vita port is still being worked on, if at all, according to Tecmo Koei: “it’s still an early stage,” but they also said they’ll do their best to bring it over.

Developed by veteran studio Gust, the “fantasy, sci-fi, ’7 Dimension’ RPG” takes place within a world where song and music can create magic (much like the Ar tonelico series), and it follows the story of a civilization who lost their home planet, and has been drifting through the edge of space for 2000 years in search of a new home planet ever since.

Players will step into the shows of two sets of characters, Delta and Casty, who are enabled to protect humanity and save the world, and finally Ion and Earthes, who are attempting to find Ion a way home to Earth. You can switch between both parties and even combine their stories to solve the mysteries surrounding their fate.

Here’s some official blurbs for the game’s characters:

Delta Lantonoil

Quote: “It’s just a gut feeling… I just know it’s all going to work out.”

A young man who came from within the Barrier of Felion when it opened. He protected humans from attacks by the Sharl as a member of the Divine Empress’ PLASMA special forces team. He was part of the Genomis task force, which was assigned only to select members of PLASMA, but was discharged from the unit after a certain incident. He is currently running a small restaurant in Felion that he named ‘Cook de Delta’.

Casty Rianoit

Quote: “Hey! Delta! How long are you gonna sleep?!”

A girl living in the human city of Felion. She is able to use Song Magic, an art that changes thoughts into magic. With this ability, she is currently an active member of the Divine Express’ PLASMA special forces team. She is also part of the Genomis task force, which was assigned only to select members of PLASMA, but she refuses to find a permanent partner for the required two-person squads, so she sees little deployment. She helps out in Delta’s restaurant on weekends. She is the self-proclaimed poster girl of the restaurant, whatever that means…

The game is a turn based RPG, and it also comes with a very thorough synthesis crafting system, as well as robust character development that is focused on building the relationships between the main characters.

In battle, characters can fight in pairs – one is always defending or attacking enemies as a guardian to the other party member who is unleashing song magic, which requires a great deal of concentration.

We’ll keep you guys posted.

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