Xenoblade Chronicles X is Not a Sequel, More of a Spiritual Successor

xenoblade chronicles x 06-14-14-1

We reported on the new information for Monolith Soft’s mysterious sci fi RPG, long known as code name “X,” and how it sounded like a sequel to the original Xenoblade Chronicles.

It turns out the game is not a direct sequel, but more of a spiritual successor to the cult classic that saw release on the Wii. This tidbit of information was revealed during Nintendo’s ¬†Treehouse live stream during E3.

The representatives from the Treehouse stream also confirmed that while it isn’t a sequel, it will share much of the themes and philosophy as the previous games did. They even threw long time fans a bone in mentioning that if you’ve been a fan of older Xeno games (like Xenogears), you’ll see throwbacks to those games too.

Xenoblade Chronicles X is coming sometime in 2015 on Wii U.

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