A Trailer for Bloodborne, From Software’s new PS4 Game, is Leaked

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Man, Sony needs to run a tighter ship, or draft up some stricter NDA’s. Now we’ve learned the trailer for Bloodborne (formerly known as Project Beast) that was supposedly to be revealed at last year’s Tokyo Game Show has just been leaked.

Featured above, you can see the trailer in full, and despite the early build of the game, it’s looking pretty solid. Obviously, the game has advanced in development since then, so this is not representative of what Bloodborne currently looks like.

Previously, we reported on when the game was first leaked prior to its E3 2014 reveal, in the form of a bunch of short Webm clips that surfaced online. We also managed to snag the bit of gameplay that was shown during Sony’s E3 2014 live stream, which you can also view here.

We’ll keep you guys posted.

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