PlayStation Owners, Serious Sam 3: BFE is on PSN

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Serious Sam has proven to be adept at stealth as he silently sneaks his way onto the PlayStation Network with yesterday’s PlayStation update on 5.13.14. There didn’t appear to be any media or buzz for Sam, despite it stellar reception on other systems and platforms. The title was previously released exclusively to the Xbox 360, the OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux in November of 2011.

The game has received a cult following over the years for generally being a nice throwback to an older, earlier form of first-person shooting video game. This is quite a statement as the game arrives in an industry where shooters are much more modern than ever before.  Most shooters today involve deep, involving story lines, high-stakes intensity, weapons of mass destruction, terrorists, Russian ultra-nationalist radicals, zombies, headshots, blood, guts,  3 hour single players, and multiplayer with $15 map packs.

Serious Sam 3 dismisses all that for just pulling the trigger and kicking some butt!

The plot is simple. Aliens want to destroy humanity, a man by the name of Sam is all that stands to stop them. It’s clearly inspired by hardcore action movies as well as simple first-person shooters that emerged during the 1990’s. Back then, all you had was movement, skill, and reigning down bullets over your foes. This inspiration can be drawn to action protagonist Duke Nukem from 3D realms. However, the difference is evident with a more modern polish to an old-fashioned mechanic.

Serious Sam 3: BFE (Before First Encounter) is now available on PlayStation Network for $19.99 and $14.99 for PlayStation Plus subscribers. It’ll set your hard drive back about 816MB as well. If this game fascinates you, check out the other games in the series!

It’s time to get serious!

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