Check Out the Costume Destruction and More in Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson

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Marvelous AQL has published five new short gameplay trailers for Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson.

The gameplay trailers run the gamut of joint secret ninja arts, weapon changing, costume destruction, pair battles, and pair direction.

You can check out all of the new videos below:

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Pair Battles

Pair Battles encapsulate fighting with two characters. Your partner will automatically fight alongside you, but you can also give them commands. The combination of partners to choose for your pairing is completely flexible, and it’s not limited to characters from the same school. Coming from this, you can even pair up rivals, allowing you to unleash counterattacks and combos, factoring in the timing between you and your partner.

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Pair Direction

Depending on who you pick out for your pair, the intro videos and end victory videos will be different depending on the match up. Keep mixing and matching to view them all!

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Joint Secret Ninja Arts

Secret Ninja Arts has been swapped up a bit for a better pace. Joint Secret Ninja Arts can now be activated with a partner character, and as you develop a better relationship with your partner, your Joint Secret Ninja Arts will increase in power.

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Weapon Change

Marvelous has enabled players to switch out weapons while in battle. While there is no difference in your abilities, you can change up the appearance of your weapon to something a bit more fitting. You can also attach “Shinobi Gems” to your weapon, which can potentially add some potent buffs like self-healing, increased attack power, or even elemental protection.

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Costume Destruction

Finally, the costume destruction was detailed further. Costume destruction has been further enhanced, becoming more seamless and natural. All of the enemies costumes can be destroyed, even the small fries. Once you’ve defeated an enemy, you can view them in full 3D in the Reference Room’s Enemy Encyclopedia.

Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson is coming in standard and limited editions in Japan on August 7th.

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