Debut Gameplay for The Chainsaw Incident is Revealed, Kickstarter is Live

Origo Games, the Baltimore based indie studio, have finally given us a look at The Chainsaw Incident in motion, their upcoming 2D fighter that is set for Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita.

The pre-alpha gameplay, featured above, shows off characters Milda and Massacre as they brutally fight each other.

Also revealed today is the Kickstarter campaign for The Chainsaw Incident, which is asking for $275,000 dollars to be funded.

The reward tiers are pretty wicked, some of them even offer stuff like an arcade cabinet at $2500 dollars, in case you want to start (or continue) building your personal arcade.

You can also view their website here, which has a bunch of newly revealed information, most notably some more of the playable characters.

Brandon Orselli


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