The Virtualizer is Possibly the Closest You Can Get to Walking in a Video Game

virtualizer shot 1

The Virtuix Omni made ripples in the industry when its kickstarter earned boatloads of cash, forever cementing it a place in the virtual reality sub-genre of gaming. This didn’t stop other ambitious creators from making their own prototypes, however.

Enter the Virtualizer (pictured above), a creation by Austrian tech company Cyberith, and it definitely looks a lot similar to the Omni, right? So what makes it so special in comparison? For one, it doesn’t task you with putting on special shoes that the giant tracking pad can respond to. Instead, you can walk the lands of Skyrim in your socks:

You can view the Virtualizer in action below:

The fact that you’re able to use the Virtualizer in your socks means the device will be that much quieter, a stark comparison to the special shoes that the Omni requires you to wear.

The other improvements that the device has over the Omni are also impressive, most notably the adjustable safety ring that allows users of any height to enjoy the device – a problem made not of when users tried the Omni out last year. This ring allows users to duck and jump, something not possible with the Omni.

While the Omni is expected to finally ship to backers of its kickstarter in March, there isn’t a tangible release for the Virtualizer just yet. When can you throw your money at the guys from Cyberith? It seems they have a crowdfunding campaign in store, which will probably come in the form of another kickstarter.

A price has not been confirmed, although the CEO and founder of Cyberith, Tuncay Cakmak, said that “everybody who can afford a gaming PC, can afford the Virtualizer.” A new prototype is coming, in which Cakmak added:

“More natural movements, extremely silent, bigger base plate, better software and sensors, and an elegant design. We have some awesome gadgets for the third prototype which will be released at the campaign.”

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