Finally, a Game that Explains the Mystery of Cats

catlateral damage ss 1

If you’re a frequenter of the internet, or if you’re a cat owner, or very possibly both – you’ve probably wondered at one point why cats have such tendencies to just knock stuff off of tables, shelves, well anywhere really. It just seems to be in their nature to climb as high as physically possible, only to knock things off of said location, regardless of their personal or commercial value.

Enter a game called Catlateral Damage, a “first person mischievous cat simulator,” where you play as a no-good feline and just knock your owner’s things to the ground, just for fun! The game is currently in alpha, but developer Chrixeleon has a playable build up via their website here.

Honestly the game is pretty addicting, kind of like a reverse Katamari in where you just knock stuff off – I think it almost explains the mentality behind cats. Despite that demo being only two minutes, the devs are promising more levels (rooms) to wreck havoc upon, more objects, and even more.

Catlateral Damage is scheduled for release sometime this year.

Brandon Orselli


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