Child’s Play Raises over $7.6M in 2013 for Hospitals and Shelters

childs play logo

It seems Gaming for Good is not the only video game related charity that raised millions of dollars last year. Child’s Play raised a record breaking excess of $7.6 million dollars through events and community driven fundraisers.

Child’s Play is a charity that benefits children through networks of hospitals and domestic violence shelters, similar to how Gaming for Good donates money towards Save the Children, which helps children in Malawi, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. In 2012, Child’s Play raised $5 million but the amount from last year was a larger cumulative total than all of the charity’s first six years.

While lifetime pledges now total more than $25 million, Child’s Play shows no signs of stopping their campaign to help children. It’s pilot program for donating games to domestic violence shelters will be expanding to shelters nationwide this year. Child’s Play holds two events annually – the Child’s Play Invitational Golf Tournament and the Child’s Play Dinner Auction.

If you want to pledge to Child’s Play, you can head on over to their website.

Brandon Orselli


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