PixelJunk Eden Makes Lifetime Sales in Eight Hours from Steam Sale

pixeljunk eden ss 1

PixelJunk Eden was one of the games during the recent Steam Sale, and boy was it sold at a hard to resist price. Q-Games was asking for only a dollar to buy the game, and despite it being a few years old, lots of people decided to buy it.

Q-Games’ Dylan Cuthbert had this to say regarding just how well PixelJunk Eden sold during the Steam sale:

He also gave thanks to everyone who purchased the game:

This still leaves the burning question: Just how much did PixelJunk Eden sell through with its Steam Sale price?

That’s a pretty big leap in sales, to put it lightly. The game has been on multiple platforms for years now, so it must have sold quite a few copies to make up for all those years of sales.

Brandon Orselli


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