Conception II Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

conception ii collectors edition

Atlus has revealed the pre-order bonuses for Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars, their upcoming magical baby-making RPG. Unfortunately, the said pre-order bonuses don’t include anything ridiculous like a big-breasted statue that you can ogle, or an oppai mouse pad, or a questionable pillow case (yeah, the list goes on), but simply a ten track soundtrack.

The pre-order bonus comes free of charge with the first run printing of the game on both 3DS and Vita, and will retail at $39.99. The game still has a lofty “spring 2014” release date, but naturally Atlus will be sharing details regarding a solid date soon.

In Conception II, you play as a teenager who suddenly is granted the powers of a god, making him humanity’s last hope in the fight against monsters that are spewing out of the Pandora Labyrinth. You find out about the hero’s abilities on his first day of class, as he is joined by Fuuko, the first of the game’s seven heroines that you can make “Star Children” with.

You’ll still be living day to day as a normal high school student, but you’ll also be tasked with building up relationships with the other girls in the game by earning “Bond Points.” The more points you earn, the more Star Children you can make. Each heroine has her own likes and dislikes (naturally), so you’ll have to be careful how you approach them in conversation.

Atlus also shared a new batch of screenshots, which you can view below:

conception ii ss 1 conception ii ss 6 conception ii ss 5 conception ii ss 4 conception ii ss 3 conception ii ss 2

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