Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is Getting an Arcade Release With a New Loli Fighter

dead or alive 5 ultimate arcade marie rose ss 1

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate has been out for consoles for awhile now, but the game is apparently getting an arcade release in Japan. This would lead you to think that there will be new content, yes?

Tecmo Koei is not disappointing, they’re adding in a new character who is much more than her appearance – which is a girl in goth lolita clothes. Pictured above, her name is Marie Rose, and underneath that smile is a deadly fighter who utilizes a military fighting style.

dead or alive 5 ultimate arcade marie rose ss 5 Marie’s fighting style is actually called Systema, and her real life job (outside of fighting complete strangers) is being a maid.

Yep, she’s just a maid, so all you people judging her wearing that outfit should feel ashamed (I’m at fault too, my bad).

Apparently, her favorite food is Princess Cake, which is a traditional Swiss dessert, an airy, spongy cake filled with layers of creme.

Her hobbies are also mentioned in the Famitsu reveal, which include sewing and watching scary and or horror movies. Her fighting style is described as one that does not have set stances, providing her with a very easy to mix up style.

Her counters will apparently cancel out opponents’ moves, and Famitsu mentions that her thin build will allow her to utilize some dastardly moves and abilities.

Marie Rose also comes with her own unique stage, which is just outside a – you guessed it, giant gothic castle! The arena has a lot of room to fight, and part of it is on a very ornate balcony, which allows you to push opponents off of, naturally.

You can view the new castle stage below:

dead or alive 5 ultimate arcade marie rose ss 4 dead or alive 5 ultimate arcade marie rose ss 3

Tecmo Koei also revealed the debut trailer for the arcade release, which you can see below:

They will be holding location tests with Marie Rose included across multiple arcades in Japan, starting from November 16th to December 15th.

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