Meet the Official Playstation 4 Guru

playstation 4 master shaval

Sony and its Playstation branch have always been known to pull out completely absurd advertising techniques to market their products, but this one probably takes the cake.

Playstation Spain has hired someone, who may or may not be an actual Indian Guru, to be the Official Playstation 4 Guru. His job? To relieve pre-launch stress from Playstation gamers, who have been building anxiety waiting for the fourth console’s launch.

Pictured above, his name is Master Shaval, and he has a lot of techniques to help reduce your stress and anxiety, while you’re waiting for the Playstation 4. You can head on over to his website, where you can take the stress test.

There are some hilarious questions and answers, like:

“To what extent is your partner between you and your Playstation?”

To which you can answer with a slider, ranging from “I have no partner” to “I have no Playstation”, or somewhere in the middle.

A reminder, all of his stuff is in Spanish, but with some Google translating (or autotranslate on Youtube), you can generally understand what is being said.

I wonder how Microsoft is going to top this – an Xbox One church?

Brandon Orselli


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