Phosphorescent Lanze is a Lightning Fast Shooter for 3DS

Phosphorescent Lanze ss 1

If you guys haven’t realized it yet, I’m a big fan of shooters, but more specifically, shmups and third person action/shooter hybrids, like Zone of the Enders, Sin & Punishment, and so on.

When there is a new promising title in the works, I’m usually on it, but somehow this game eluded even me, until I saw this mind-shattering trailer showing off the game Phosphorescent Lanze.

You can view the eye-bleedingly fast trailer below:

The game is described as a “dog fight action” title, and it definitely is giving me that kind of impression. Things can get changed up really easily however, as the ship you pilot is also a mech.

Phosphorescent Lanze ss 2

Yes, you read that right, this is one of those awesome games that has a ship that transforms into a mech, allowing you to deal out the damage in two very different forms:

  • Flight form is obviously much faster for distance travelling, allowing you to lock on to targets and fire missiles, or charged laser shots.
  • Fighting (mech) mode allows you to move at crazy fast rates, constantly dodging and boosting, allowing you to take on singular enemies better.

Both forms have their benefits and weaknesses, you’ll be switching between the two on the fly as you progress throughout the game’s story mode. Is it just me or does the fighting form look like a girl in a suit of armor?

Not much else is known about the title, but it is set for an eShop release in Japan on December 4th for 1000 yen (ten dollars). Seriously Nintendo, you better consider bringing this game over.

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