Shovel Knight Backers Can Vote for Playable Bosses

shovel knight ss 1

Shovel Knight is a Mega Man inspired 2D platformer, featuring the titular Shovel Knight himself. Clearly, the main difference between the Shovel Knight and lots of other platformers (namely Mega Man) is that he can only wield a shovel.

This doesn’t stop him from being a totally badass hero though:

The game was kickstarter funded and passed literally all of their stretch goals, meaning it will get a lot of extra goodies, one of which are playable bosses. Yacht Club Games have opened up the polling for the bosses that backers can vote for now, actually. My vote goes towards the Enchantress!

In case you missed their kickstarter, you can still pre-purchase the game via their website here.

Brandon Orselli


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