New Pokemon X&Y Info Blowout

There’s a new Pokemon info blowout thanks to CoroCoro magazine. The official information for the newly unveiled Pokemon is as follows:

Legendary Pokemon



“Declaration Pokemon”

Type: Fairy
Height: 3.0m
Weight: 215.kg
Special Quality: Fairy Aura (Fairy-type power-up technique)
Special Ability: Geo Control

“Destruction Pokemon”

Type: Dark, Flying
Height: 5.8m
Weight: 203.0kg
Special Quality: Dark Aura (Dark-type power-up technique)
Special Ability: Death Wing

New Pokemon

“Aggressive Pokemon”

Type: Fighting, DarkHeight: 2.1mWeight: 136.0kgSpecial Quality: Iron Fist or Mold BreakerNotes: Evolved form of Pancham; uses new method of evolution.

“Rotation Pokemon”

Type: Dark, Psychic
Height: 0.4m
Weight: 3.5kg
Special Quality: Contrarian or Suction Pad
Notes: Evolves to Karamanero; has new move Turn Over; can use Hypnosis

“Reversal Pokemon”

Type: Dark, Psychic
Height: 1.5m
Weight: 47.0kg
Special Quality: Contrarian or Suction Pad
Notes: Evolved form of Maika; its evolution method is also a secret

“Sword Pokemon”

Type: Steel, Ghost
Height: 0.8m
Weight: 2.0kg
Special Quality: No Guard

“Perfume Pokemon”

Type: Fairy
Height: 0.2m
Weight: 0.5kg
Special Quality: Healing Heart
Notes: Exclusive to Pokemon Y; can use Aromatherapy

“Cotton Candy Pokemon”

Type: Fairy
Height: 0.4m
Weight: 3.5kg
Special Quality: Sweet Veil (prevents allies from falling asleep)
Notes: Exclusive to Pokemon X; has new move Drain Kiss

Exclusive Pokemon

Skrelp is exclusive to Pokemon Y.
Clauncher is exclusive to X.

“The gym leader with a burning passion for inventing.”

He has white skin, blonde hair, and wears a blue bodysuit with a a yellow collar and yellow stripes above the knees and ankles. His backpack has robot arms with moon and sun-like devices attached to them. His reflected circular glasses make his expression unable to determine. His preferred Pokemon type is unknown, but given his “inventor” status, we would guess Lightning and/or Steel.

“The gym leader who’s good at sports.”

He has brown skin and hard black hair, with decorative yellow, blue, and red stones on his head, and wears a tight black shirt and gray pants that cut off above the ankles. His preferred Pokemon type is unknown, but given his rugged appearance and rock-looking hair, we would guess Rock and/or Ground.

Professor, Team, and PSS

Professor Platanu

The Pokemon professor of the Kalos region is Professor Patanu. He’ll give the player one of three Pokemon (Chespin, Fennekin, or Froakie) at the beginning of the game. He has seaweed-like black hair and wears a blue shirt underneath his lab coat. He’ll also challenge the player to a Pokemon match.

Team Flare

One of the organizations working behind the scenes in the Kalos region. Its group members consist of both men and women who wear scarlet red suits and sunglasses. Their purpose is to make money.

Player Search System

  • Miracle Trade: Heart-pounding trades with players around the world.
  • Global Trade Station: Trade Pokemon over the global network.
  • Happy Sign: Report your feelings andlatest events to other players.
  • O-Power: Receive powers that could be useful on your Pokemon adventure.
  • Holocaster: Receive official news such as tournament updates.

You can also see the scans directly from the magazine below:

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