Dystopic simulator 1984 fully revealed in new trailer


Plot your secret rebellion against Big Brother, while avoiding the suspicions of the Thought Police in the recently announced game 1984.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus the new trailer:

1984 is a first-person survival adventure set in Orwell’s timeless dystopia. As Winston Smith you must carefully plot your secret rebellion against Big Brother, while avoiding the suspicions of the Thought Police. Adaptation by the Narrative Designer of Subnautica, Talos Principle and FTL.

1984 is part walking simulator, part adventure, and part survival game. Each day you go to work, acquire the resources you need to stay alive by whatever means necessary, and conduct your illicit rebellion as surreptitiously as possible. Your actions are largely narrated from Orwell’s original prose, but you’ll have many opportunities to make personal and dialog choices which redirect the story.

Major Features:

  • Fully-realised 3D dystopia: Explore iconic locations from Airstrip One, including Winston’s flat, the Ministry of Truth and Room 101, all rendered in Unreal Engine 5.
  • Choices matter: Burn the diary, inform on your comrades, save yourself.
  • Complete audiobook: Orwell’s novel is narrated as you play.
  • Survival gameplay: Work to earn your rations, trade essential goods, do whatever it takes to survive.

Things You Can Do in This Game:

  • ‘Rectify’ history: Work at the Ministry of Truth to forge articles in favour of The Party, earn money and maintain your cover.
  • Manage your relationships: Start an illicit affair, decide which of your comrades you can trust (if any), and always say the right things at the right times to avoid suspicion.
  • Handle revolutionary documents: Write a diary confessing your hatred for Big Brother, learn about the promise of Oligarchical Collectivism, or turn it all over to the Ministry of Love.
  • Drink Victory Gin: Luxuries are in high demand, but just might keep you going for one more day.

The Inner Party team explored various genres that would effectively capture the essence of the 1984 universe. Ultimately, they concluded that a walking simulator would best convey the depth of the story, allowing players to intimately explore the dystopian world and its themes.

1984 is set to release at some point for Microsoft Windows (through Steam).



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