The Big Battle Theory: Why Combat Is Required For An RPG
Trying to Exempt Groups of People from Harm in Video Games is Silly
People Need to Get Over Themselves Being Outraged at Fanservice in Video Games
People Can’t Handle Metal Gear Solid “Quiet” Figurine with Soft, Supple Breasts
Japan has Powerful Indie and Big-Budget Game Developers
What Really Happened to Arcades
In Defense of Game-Based Trash Talking
A New Study Reveals that Video Games Don’t Make You Sexist
Tumblr Attacks Japanese Artist for Re-Creating Black Character with White Skin
How Recent Outrages Made Me Question My Writing
People Want to Censor and/or Ban Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson in the West
Sega Downsizing and Refocusing on Mobile and PC Markets May be for the Better

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