Zombie Rollerz: The Last Ship Preview

Zombie Rollerz: The Last Ship Preview

Are you a fan of killing waves after waves of the undead? What about rolling over things until they are dead? If you are anything like me, then you the idea of killing zombies can be rather relaxing maybe even therapeutic. Something about slaying the undead just sends a rush of adrenaline throughout the body.

Now what if you were to combine killing zombies with the ability to run them over in a giant fortress? If that sounds appealing to you, then it might be worth checking out Zombie Rollerz: The Last Ship. At PAX East 2024, we had the chance to meet with Zing Games Inc. to review their upcoming game Zombie Rollerz: The Last Ship.

Zombie Rollerz: The Last Ship Demo Impressions

When you first sit down and jump into the game, you think that you can just roll around and crush zombies without any consequences. After rolling over a few to many zombies, I quickly realized that my ship was severely damaged and on fire.

With the storm raging and the zone collapsing, it was only a matter of time before the ship would die. With a horde of undead collapsing upon the ship, it was all over.

Confused as to why I died so quickly, I decided to ask one of the staff members what I was doing wrong. The first question he asked was did you play the tutorial?

The immediate answer was no, we just sat down and started playing. After running through the tutorial it was clear that we missed a lot of important factors. First, you can upgrade your ship and cannons using the resources that you gather by killing zombies and destroying zombie towers.

Killing the zombie spawns and zombies gives resources and gold that can help upgrade the ship. With the resources, you will need to choose which part of the ship to upgrade; upgrading a part can increase its durability or turning radius.

The resources can be used to upgrade the cannons and fill additional slots. On the map, you can find a tower that the player can spend gold at to unlock different types of turrets and abilities. When rolling through the gacha machine, we saw a ton of similar gear.

Overall, Zombie Rollerz: The Last Ship had some fun gameplay mechanics but it definitely had a bit of a learning curve. Once we got the general hang of it, it was fun to roll through and crush the undead. Hopefully we will get to see an updated demo before the game releases.

Zombie Rollerz: The Last Ship is in development for Windows PC (via Steam), though a release date isn’t confirmed.

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