Niche Gamer (pronunciation: niCH, gey-mer)


  1. A website that is home to the lesser-covered games, the unknown games, regardless of genre, country of origin, or development platform. If it’s obscure or weird, we’re on it!
  2. An individual who appreciates and loves the video games that are lesser known, forgotten, or panned by the mainstream market and/or media.

The premiere source and community for both niche and unique games across the globe.

We’re a website run by true gamers who love games. We have no room for jaded biases, politics or social agendas. We’re independently owned and answer to absolutely no one when it comes to what games we cover, and the way in which we cover them.

We’re proud to be based out of Philadelphia – the birthplace of American freedom, although we cover games from all over the world. We are committed to bringing you original content, insightful opinions and the full and accurate news without any fluff or agendas.



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Niche Gamer is the pipe dream of Brandon Orselli, a lifetime gamer, hobbyist, activist, and game design student graduate. It wasn’t until June 2013 that the inspiration finally hit him to start a new site dedicated to the games that tend to get Brandon the most excited—the more unknown games.

Niche games, specialized games, weird games—whatever you want to call them, we love them and we want more people to know about them, and hopefully enjoy them, too.

Getting the site and its content exactly how we want it has been quite a ride, and we’ve been loving it!