New Parent Company for Niche Gamer – Pretentious Media

Hey guys – this is Brandon from Niche Gamer. I’m the founder, owner, and Editor-in-Chief here. For awhile we’ve been planning on expanding our website by offering a network of websites to cater to other niche interests – beginning with anime and Asian culture. This created a problem: how to associate these new websites with the same management from Niche Gamer.

We’re announcing a new parent company – Pretentious Media – and Niche Gamer will now operate under its umbrella. This means I’m the sole owner of Pretentious Media as well, so no worries about Niche Gamer being sold off to some faceless investor or something like that.

This is purely to organize our future sister websites under the same management, where everyone answers to me. Selling off Niche Gamer has never been a thought for me, and it never will be. I do this for fun, and the funding from our Patreon and our advertising all go to the operation, staffing, and content that we produce.

Pretentious Media lives on the same server as Niche Gamer, so your Patreon money does go towards hosting it but the traffic and content is infinitesimal in comparison to the ridiculous amount of content and traffic Niche Gamer has on a daily basis.

Here’s the full body version of the Pretentious Media mascot:

We still don’t have a name for him – please comment with your suggestions and we’ll probably pick one of yours!

I want to make it clear that this announcement is simply a way for us to have our new websites and brands live under the same umbrella – not for us to ask for more money or something. Pretentious Media will be a parent company and not an actual company with lots of people in suits, an office, and so on.

As for our future anime/Asian culture site – expect it to be staffed by the same kind of passionate people you see reviewing content at Niche Gamer. We’re not here to tone police, censor things, or unfairly critique things because of some insane agenda or political scheme.

Please make sure to bookmark and follow us on Twitter, as well as liking us on Facebook. I’m incredibly excited to finally announce this, and to get that much closer to launching our awesome anime/Asian culture site. Please stay tuned for future updates from us. Once again we wouldn’t be able to do this without you guys, we love you!

Brandon Orselli


Big Papa Overlord at Niche Gamer. Italian. Dad. Outlaw fighting for a better game industry. I also write about music, food, & beer. Also an IT guy.

  • ghostbody

    There was like a millisecond of concern but then instant relief. Looking forward to seeing what comes next.

  • derram

    The sandals are on the wrong feet, nice touch.

  • Batora

    NG’s mascot was already pretty bad. So instead of taking this new endeavor as a chance to re design her, you guys just judged it wasn’t bad enough.
    Good luck appealing a niche within the niche.

  • totenglocke

    I vote we call him Michael Jordan. 😏

  • Hmmm? I mean lots of people like Mika and so far people who have seen the Otaku are laughing+loving it.

  • Nue

    His name shall be Ken-chan

  • CrusaderEsper

    Fedo-Ron should be his name. Maybe “Ron Fedo” and leave it as an inside joke?
    When I first saw the news I thought NG had sold out and was worried it was all tumbling down. I’m glad I didn’t go into panic mode and actually read the news post.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    That mascot is so delightfully repulsive, the socks and sandals are quite the icing on the cake as well.

  • Taiho

    >Blue shirt
    >Beer Belly
    >Neck beard
    >Socks and sandals.
    >Probably has a Fursona.
    Call him Dob-San.

  • CatCouch

    Call him Walbert. I have a cat named Walbert because he got stuck in a wall. Even years later I find calling him by his name amusing.

  • Dr. Roswell. W

    It’s like I’m seeing every fucking nerd stereotype in one pudgy package. The fluttershy badge on his fedora is a very nice touch.

  • RichardGristle

    Gomenasai, my name is Ken-Sama.

  • CZ

    What the fuck is that! kill it with fire now…

  • Jaymon99999

    His name should be Finn chipman the fedora-tipper otaku.

  • John Smith

    Rule 34 ft. Mika and nameless otaku when?

  • _buchu

    He looks like a Marty to me.

  • ProfessorFluffy

    I’d call the mascot “Brandon in five years.”
    Bify for short.

  • Snorlaxation



    Langdon Alger.


    You crazy, bro. When I grow up, I’m going to marry Mika.

  • Jared Bellow

    He should be called Senpai

  • What the… My eyes! it burns! that mascot is ugly, and designed to piss you off.

  • JohnnyCageFan2

    He does look like a Brandon.

    The girlie on the daki looks like she knows what’s up. And I shudder at the idea when the sun goes down, so does Brandon. >.>

  • Cytos Lpagtr

    his name Jeff

  • chaoguy

    Glad to hear this is an expansion rather than a re-direction.
    While I don’t usually like defeatist/self-degrading humor, I kinda like the mascot.
    As for a name, Preston Medium? (Sounds like Pretentious Media while being a name?)

  • iswear12

    …Yeesh. Should’ve just stuck with another sex appeal mascot so that cute yuri could be made.
    My nomination for his name is “No thanks”

  • ProtomanBlues

    Not enough chins/neck rolls.

  • orbo

    You really captured my neck folds and dakimakura, I can really get behind this mascot. (but maybe he should take a shower before that)

  • Call the fatass Rick.

  • totenglocke

    He can say “Ackshually…uh, uh, uh, go fuck yourself!”.

  • CRES

    You missed the opportunity to have Zach Miller as you company mascot.

  • AuraMaster DX (austin9568)

    Chester would be too easy.

  • G. H.

    Senpai Desu

  • Casey

    Loving the socks with sandals, the mysterious white liquid dripping from beneath his shirt, and the fluttershy pin on his hat. The only thing you missed was the opportunity to put a sweaty armpit stain on the right side of his shirt.

  • AnimeFan89

    Call him Sullivan “Sully” Ackshually.

  • random

    Is this a joke? Why have such a horrible mascot.

  • ProxyDoug

    Jim Chipman or Bob Sterling.

  • UnpluggedBeta

    Oh God, it’s a full blown TRS autist. I expect the next few words out of his mouth will be a diatribe against the ZOG.

  • Jaymon99999

    Yea but that too on the nose and maybe a future lawsuit knowing them.

  • mrwizeass

    Here’s an idea: Hire movieBob. Not to write or anything, just to post videos of the rest of the NG staff pointing and laughing at him.

  • John McGready

    >We still don’t have a name for him – please comment with your suggestions and we’ll probably pick one of yours!

    Here’s a few
    Neck-ikomori (Neckbeard Hikikomori)

  • mrwizeass

    Or give him a goatee and call him Bob-san.

  • Sean Sharpe

    Christopher Ringe.

  • He looks like a Jared to me.

  • The same time Clorox actually advertises their Bleach for blinding purposes explicitly.

  • I think it’s more of he is the joke.


    Eat fresh.

  • William Lee Twitch

    Call him Harold, named after that jerk from Stephen King’s The Stand.

  • Shattno

    +1 for Neck-ikomori

  • codshin

    The name just has to be Wizard-kun… ^_^

  • Dewey Defeats Truman
  • Eldhin Shichiou

    the only redesign she needs is to have less clothes. She’s already perfect

  • I call him Fedora-senpai.

  • totenglocke

    And bigger tits… 😏

  • Renaissance_nerd

    Phew, for a second there i panicked.

  • iswear12

    This is perfect

  • SLoWMoTIoN🥑

    No hot girl? Gay.

  • Jack Thompson

    Please for the love of God burn that unholy abomination with fire.

  • Wodge

    Chad Weeberson.

  • SiliconNooB

    Can’t wait for the new sites!

  • SiliconNooB

    I want some more waifu mascots, but I figure that with the sister sites on the way Mika is set to receive some sisters soon enough.

    Honestly though, you should have gone with one of those bland everyman protagonists [with a perpetual nosebleed] that you see in harem comedies, and then surrounded him with the cute waifu mascots of the sites! XD