Anthem Reportedly Delayed to Early 2019

A new rumor is pointing to BioWare’s next big game and totally new IP, Anthem, being delayed into next year.

The rumor, via Kotaku, cites one source that confirmed the game’s original fall 2018 release window was “never realistic” and that it will launch in early 2019 instead. The source(s) further claim that targeted release dates are still not set, and that a beta release, EA Access launch, and an ongoing timeline of patches and updates for the game have to be planned.

Furthermore, the sources claim that Electronic Arts won’t let BioWare delay the game beyond March of 2019. Kotaku reports they spoke to over half a dozen people close to the project – all of whom claim they’re optimistic for the project but feel they’re fighting a number of outside forces.

Anthem has been in active development since 2012 and got stuck in pre-production for a “very long time.” Rumors back in 2014 and 2015 pointed to the studio having issues with the Frostbite Engine. Last year, however, development has been increasing and overall the team has been battling ongoing issues typical to game development.

BioWare also recently confirmed they’re officially actively working on the next Dragon Age game.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Madbrainbox

    I’ll probably just go back to playing Warframe at some point if I wanna play this style of game.

  • Mr0303

    I didn’t think this Anthem would release this year. Possibly they need to make the predatory microtransactions less visible.

  • lucben999

    You missed the funny part:

    Most recently, sources say, Anthem’s developers have been watching the ongoing anger in the Destiny 2 community over the state of that game. Destiny fans have grown irritated at Destiny 2’s lack of content, Bungie’s poor communication, and the lingering feeling that Destiny 2 is repeating its predecessor’s mistakes. Although fans and pundits have suggested that Destiny 2’s inability to capture hardcore players may leave an opening for Anthem to grab that crowd, some BioWare developers have expressed worry that their game will face its own growing pains, as all games of this nature do. Most persistent action games have had to recover from rocky launches, including Destiny, Diablo III, and The Division. The question is: how much patience will EA have for Anthem?

    And then there’s the toxicity problem, as video game pundits seize any opportunity to stoke anger at big publishers. Two people who have worked on Anthem both expressed anxiety to me about the ways some big YouTubers have spread misinformation and inflammatory rhetoric about EA, saying that it has a demoralizing effect on those people on the ground level. To people who work for EA, the publisher isn’t just a cold corporate master—it is a complicated machine that, yes, is concerned first and foremost with generating revenue for investors, but also supports thousands of people in many tangible and intangible ways. People close to BioWare, along with many other developers I’ve talked to in recent months, worry that commentary from some of YouTube’s loudest voices has eliminated nuance and made companies like EA seem like Disney villains.

    Muh poor corporate publisher is being bullied by Youtubers and consumers, oh the humanity! Will anybody please think of EA?

  • They’re probably still fighting EA over their insistence to put microtransactions into eveything that has a molecular structure. And I expect them to somehow lose the argument.

  • STARSBarry

    they should feel more than some anxiety they should feel fucking fear this trend in games has gone on long enough if there happy there complacent we need change and if youtubers shitting on there fragile glass feelings gets some to fucking do something different then good.

  • Matz

    This game will be the last nail on Bioware’s coffin, I can smell the corporate meddling from EA’s executives from my home

  • PChandler

    “… And then there’s the toxicity problem… inflammatory rhetoric”—

    Hahaha… oh, wow. Amazing how these projective brownshirts and Goebbelsian outlets like Kotaku & Co, even in this day and age, after Trump winning in the US, the Brexit and such, are using the same exact verbiage, rhetoric and tactics against anyone who doesn’t toe the party line. They learned absolutely NOTHING! If you say something, anything they don’t like, even the slightest criticism then it’s an ATTACK, ASSAULT, ABUSE, HARASSMENT, MISINFORMATION, HATE… etc.

    “… isn’t just a cold corporate master”—

    Corporations, trusts/trust companies, collusion, wars, state rights, dissent, disruptive protests, riots… etc. They’re halal when they’re done by my comrades 👌

    Just like in the g̶a̶m̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶j̶o̶u̶r̶n̶a̶l̶i̶s̶m̶ blogger/Tumblr world, it is so in the political world. Politico published a piece earlier calling Trump/its administration buffoon/buffoonish -pretty sure is not their first time nor the first outlet to do so-. They would have gone bonkers if they had read or heard the same thing about Obama, and that’s because they did! Every time the opposition in the US talked in the same or similar way against Obama, it’s policies and admin, they immediately had their hit pieces out, OUTRAGED at such talk and ordering people to respect the POTUS no matter what, especially on the international stage, like Davos. But it’s ok when they do it!

    Moral duplicity, intrinsic in sociopaths.

  • Mechonis

    Game is dead

  • Travis Touchdown

    This release will spell the end of Bioware.

  • Neojames82

    Hope this game kills Bioware once and for all. The sheer audacity that it is still called “Bioware” at this point is an insult to its great past and has become a big fucking joke to most gamers. This will probably sell well under what EA wanted and they’ll kill the studio quickly after. This smells exactly like what happened with Visceral when they released Dead Space 3 and it didn’t sell “up to expectations”. When in reality, EA just wanted to shut them down anyway but got one last squeeze of profit out of them before they fire the staff.

  • Neojames82

    Such pathetic cooperate ass kissing…does Kotaku really need money that badly? Oh well, they probably do!

  • Neojames82

    ” Amazing how these projective brownshirts and Goebbelsian outlets like Kotaku & Co, even in this day and age, after Trump winning in the US, the Brexit and such, are using the same exact verbiage, rhetoric and tactics against anyone who doesn’t toe the party line.”

    That’s pretty much the reason why Trump won in the first place. Because many Americans were sick of the hard left pushing their agenda. When you swing the pendulum too much in one direction it will swing hard back in the other direction. I don’t like Trump but trust me, I know why he won and he’ll for sure win again because the Dems like sticking with the crazy alt-left.

  • Taiho

    Goes to show you that youtubers have more reach than game journalists these days, hence all the complaining.

  • Anon630

    The corporation cries as it strikes you.

  • Kaguroshi

    Crossplay with XBOX and PC! That’s all I ask.

  • SLoWMoTIoN🥑

    I hope this game kills them off for good.

  • Shadowed Heart