VanillaWare Shares 2018 New Years Artwork for Saint Margaret

Despite the New Year festivities passing by quickly this year, game developers shared their well-wishes for the new calendar year. Japanese developer Vanillaware typically does a bold new art commission for the new year – and this year is no different.

Featured above, a new artwork featuring Saint Margaret of Antioch was commissioned by Vanillaware president George Kamitani. He said that he drew Margaret, otherwise known as the virgin and later venerated as Saint Marina by the Orthodox church. “Thank you for your support this year,” Kamitani wrote.

George was keen to briefly retell the story of one of the miracles experienced by Margaret, where she was swallowed by Satan who took the form of a dragon – only to escape alive by the crucifix that she was carrying, which irritated the dragon’s insides. Kamitani said he was influenced by the altarpiece dedicated to the female martyr at the museum at Barcelona.

It’s worth mentioning that sometimes these New Years art pieces are actually later revealed as new projects for the company.

The company’s latest release, Dragon’s Crown Pro, launches on February 8th in Japan for PlayStation 4. A western release is confirmed for both North America and Europe sometime this spring.

Brandon Orselli


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    As expected from Vanillaware it’s gorgeous.

    She’s from Antioch, huh? The same place that produced the Holy Hand Grenade and the speculated origins of Christianity. A project in that mythology would be quite fascinating and I’ll pretty much get anything that Vanillaware make, so bring it on after 13 Sentinels.

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