Gran Turismo 6 Online Servers Shutting Down March 28, 2018

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced they’re shutting down the online servers for Gran Turismo 6.

The game’s online component will be shut down on March 28th, 2018 at 12:00 UTC. On January 31st, distribution of downloadable content will also be cut off.

After the March 28th shut down, the following services won’t be accessible:

  • Community
  • Open Lobby
  • Quick Match
  • Seasonal Events

Here’s some more details regarding the shutdown:

Warning Regarding In-Game Credits

If you have deleted your game data after purchasing credits from the GT Store, please make sure to install/redeem the credits again before the end of the online service to have them available in-game. The installation/redemption of credits can be done in-game from [My Home] -> [GT Store] -> [Purchased Content]. It will no longer be possible to install/redeem credits after the end of the online service.

How to re-download Credits when your game data has been deleted

Even if you accidently delete your game data after the end of the online service, it will still be possible to re-download and re-install the credits. To re-download them, go to the [Download List] in the PlayStation®Store, or go to [PSN] -> [Account Management] -> [Purchase History] -> [Download List] from the PlayStation®3 XMB (Cross Media Bar).

Regarding the “Track Path Editor”

With the end of the online services, the distribution of the “GT6 Track Path Editor”, currently available on “Google Play” and the “App Store”, will also end as of 28 March 2018. After the end of the online services, it will no longer be possible to transfer track data created with the “GT6 Track Path Editor” to “Gran Turismo 6”.

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  • NuclearCherries

    This may sound bad, but when I saw this my first thought was “There’s a Gran Turismo 6?”

  • luggage lad


  • luggage lad

    for the players

  • RichardGristle

    “B-But I buy physical media and play on console – I *own* my game!”

    >no more patches, downloads, or multiplayer ever when Cuck Overlord Sony says so

  • porkbun

    I got a PS3 pretty late and bought a GT5 XL edition with the console. Then I found out most of the DLC codes with the game didn’t work because Sony removed them. The cars are already in the game I just need a 100kb file to unlock them. Guess they didn’t want people playing GT5 when GT6 is released.

    Now they got GTS and no longer want people playing GT6.