Demon’s Souls Servers Getting Shut Down Worldwide on February 28, 2018

From Software’s original Souls title, Demon’s Souls, is getting its online component shut down next February.

The game’s online servers will be shut down February 28th, worldwide. The news comes via each respective publisher, Sony Interactive Entertainment in Japan, Atlus for North America, and Bandai Namco for Europe.

Demon’s Souls was originally released for the PlayStation 3 back in February of 2009, while the game’s American release came later that year. Europeans didn’t see the game until the following year.

While the game never received a direct sequel, several spiritual successors (Dark Souls, Bloodborne) and knock-offs have come along since then in what some people consider an entirely new genre (hint: it isn’t).

Are you a fan of the Souls games, or specifically Demon’s Souls? Sound off in the comments below with your memories for the game/series!

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  • Uncle Ocelot

    It’s like the end of an era, I’m actually a little surprised it lasted this long. This is another reason why the game needs some kind of re-release on PS4 though.

  • reblinds

    its been dead for a while, but there’s many great qualities to the game you can still experience.

  • CrusaderEsper

    And to think they were originally going to be shutting down the servers back in 2011 or some other time way back then. (I forget the exact date)

  • This is why we should have user operated dedicated servers so the hardcore fans can maintain it indefinitely. From Software should reach out to the community with this.

  • Mechonis

    The console player base is dead. Not surprising

  • DrearierSpider

    The end of an era. Umbasa.

  • DrearierSpider

    Glad we got an extra 5 years from the last planned shutdown. Just wish they’d remaster this for PS4 at 60 fps.

  • DrearierSpider

    RPCS3 team, you’re our only hope now.

  • Madman

    If it were Nintendo it would be shutdown within 2 years kek

  • NukeA6

    It was fun while it lasted. Going through the swamp with black tendencies was a giant pain in the ass though.

  • Mechonis
  • Audie Bakerson
  • nils

    its been dead for a while, but there’s many great qualities to the game you can still experience.

  • Swirly Twirl

    I’ll never forget the very first time I played that game after I had already played DaS 1 and 2.
    It was like I was introduced into the series all over again.



  • Was anyone even still playing this online?

  • 2 years is much too long.

  • I don’t think that is possible on consoles. This game is almost fully playable on PC so maybe they could make a private server.

  • Depends. If the game an online component you can’t experience it forever.

  • Tubsiwub

    Lasted longer than gravity rush 2…

  • frjoethesecond

    It is possible. Warhawk has this feature.

  • Cubed Grapes

    I was planning on getting back on it.

  • Cubed Grapes

    Fans came out the woodworks to convince From to keep the servers running. There’s a good chance that’ll happen again, along with a resurgence in users.

  • Yep, console users are screwed but PC users there’s possibly some hope.

  • Fandangle
  • Psichaos

    They can’t exactly keep those servers running forever. Honestly, if Atlus and From were chill with it, they could probably sell the servers to the Souls community, granted they could crowdfund the money needed to buy and maintain it. I don’t know how that would work, exactly, but I imagine the big issue is simply the cost of keeping those servers alive is too much for a game no one receives any money from anymore. There’s a demand to keep it online, so if it were possible, it’d be nice if Atlus considered selling the servers to those willing to foot the bill, or otherwise monetizing the server so they don’t operate at a complete loss. Regardless, 9 years online is a pretty good amount of time for a console game.

  • Psichaos

    Considering Demon’s was a PS3 exclusive, I take it that this is in regards to emulation? My toaster would probably blow up just thinking about emulating a PS3, it already panics with GameCube games.

  • AnarKreig



  • OldPalpy

    Yes glorious PC Master Race home of glorious Denuvo and always on DRM.

  • luggage lad

    This is something consumers will have to be very vocal about. Like the Loot Box controversy, nothing is going to get done unless we push hard and possibly seem legislation to protect the features that were sold with games.

  • luggage lad

    denuvo on some games that we crack and remove vs. consoles which will never have modding and need to pay to play online

  • BFG

    Dont forget the more and more present region-locking on the japanese doujin PC games (that really state you need a Japanese Windows to run them, jap locale and other tricks wont work), having to deal with compatibility issues especially for old games (some will outright work, others will need tweaks)

    Online games on PC also die due of the community no longer alive. RIP Zombie Master & Warcraft 3 custom maps

  • RPG

    You have had an amazing run Demon’s Souls. Thank you for the great times, and introducing me to the start of a compelling series all those years ago. Your legacy will live on.

  • Varg Wetterskog

    My favorite game of the series. <3 It was so fun to play through without ANY help at all, finding out which bosses you could cheese and which you couldn't. Took me several days to find out how to enhance a weapon.

  • alterku

    I heard socialism was pushed pretty hard in that game, so not a big surprise that its online portion lasted about as long as an average socialist paradise.

  • SuperiorBeing

    demons souls is the dark souls of the demons souls series

  • SuperiorBeing

    good thing too, modding sucks and pc games are complete utter shit

  • OldPalpy

    Denuvo would cease to exist if the “pc masterrace” weren’t a bunch of a passive toothless cucks thanks to Santa Gaben and his bag of sales, meanwhile console players turned the Xbox brand into a dumpster fire when MS tried to fuck em over with DRM.

  • luggage lad

    console players willingly lined up to pay for online and when Sony made you buy PS2 games you already own all over again just to play them on PS4 they ate that up too, along with rebuying your PS1 games.

    When Sony shuts down servers for your games, it’s up to PC to save your online features and communities with Dolphin and MGO. We’re probably going to save Demon’s Souls too, like we did Nintendo’s Wifi Network.

    When Valve tried to introduce paid mods, we fought against it so hard it cost Valve a million and they canceled it. Steam forums are filled with complaints and boycotts about Denuvo, where console players generally laid down and accepted online passes. It’s also generally names in PC gaming that are vocal in fighting against lootboxes.

    But all that aside, never mind the fact that the PS4 itself is a large DRM machine you pay for which doesn’t let you do a tenth of the stuff PC does.When NIntendo butchers your localization who fixes that for you? Pirates
    and romhackers because you can’t even mod that in with your locked down
    box. I don’t know how anyone could argue PC gamers are anywhere near as passive as console kiddies after all the ground they’ve willingly given up.

  • luggage lad

    Sounds like grasping for straws.. That’s more just some fringey weird Jap devs who don’t like their games being pirated or don’t like them being abroad. Such an obscure example.

    As for older games, that’s anything to do with the platform. Still atleast on PC you have the tools to create communities so you can gather players for those niche games, and the ability to still play them. On consoles you just can’t anymore. Period. You can’t play your old Xbox games online, you can’t play RE Outbreak without modding. You’ll never be able to play Chromehound online if you haven’t already. Etc.

  • OldPalpy

    Your wall of text means nothing when you can’t avoid that they let Denuvo walk all over them beyond bitching on Gaben’s forum and review pages which has resulted in jack and shit, PC users used to be more proactive against this kinda shit but not since around the time the PC platform started being called just Steam.

  • BFG

    Such an obscure example.

    Who could have known that someone interested in niche games would talk about them in a website supposed to be about them?

  • luggage lad

    Yeah it’s an obscure problem, as 99% of doujin games don’t have anything like that. And it’s obscure to come out about it as if it’s a widespread problem. In that light it comes across as desperate straw grasping.

    But nevermind that consoles have been historically region-locked, are fans of niche games so perturbed by needing to implement tweaks for older games?

  • luggage lad

    *replying to the deleted post*

    That level of region locking has been around for many years.. It wasn’t
    that long ago alot of Japanese VN makers sites were IP blocked too. Now
    they’re all releasing their stuff on Steam. If anything I’d argue things
    are getting better in that regard. I don’t consider some doujin games
    scanning for Japanese applocal or whatever they do to be a real problem.
    There’s always going to be some weird JP devs out there doing that
    shit. They’re not big companies.

    Stuff like Denuvo is a real
    problem, but the point of that guy isn’t that. It’s just some petty
    name-calling. I’m just pointing out his bullshit so others don’t
    mistakenly think he has a point.

    Console gamers have by large
    sit down and taken it. The only example most can muster is when they
    chose to not buy an Xbox they didn’t really want to begin with. It’s
    pretty easy to save your money and call it a boycott. But would they
    stop buying and supporting Sony after PS4 does constant anti-consumer
    practices like making people rebuy their PS1/2 games again? Or the
    pitiful support of Vita, overpriced memorycards, etc? Don’t count on it.

  • BFG

    Do you mean my comment that was hidden because “spam”? My apologies for that.

    Now they’re all releasing their stuff on Steam

    You mean translated VNs, which isnt my cup of tea, considering my very low trust towards paid translators. I prefer having the untranslated visual novels.

    There’s always going to be some weird JP devs out there doing that shit. They’re not big companies.

    That’s a funny way to say it towards someone who has an interest in niche games, and talking about it on a website that has “NICHEgamer” title

    Or the pitiful support of Vita, overpriced memorycards, etc?

    It’s fine if you only go with imports and a japanese PSN account which has more stuff in general (alongside of avoiding western localization). Again it’s a handheld for people having interest in the niche genre even though Sony tried to appeal it to the mass audience (and confront the rise of smartphones). I’m glad it’s “dead” though since it means that most of the cancer from the game industry is avoided.

    I will never defend the price of the Vita memory card, but I find funny that it ended up to be ironically a mosquito bite compared to the prices of Switch accessories (default dock, pair of joycons, pro controller being all 80 bucks each)

  • Slizzl

    Old Monk will never be the same.
    I’ll have to make time for one last playthrough before they’re gone.