Falcom is Developing a New The Legend of Heroes Game for PS4

Falcom has announced they’re developing a new entry within the The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel series for PlayStation 4.

The new reveal comes via their latest financial results for the fiscal year ending in September of this year. Both the original two games and the new entry within The Legend of Heroes franchise are supposed to be released before September of next year in Japan. Further details were naturally left out of this financial briefing.

The news comes after the previously confirmed PlayStation 4 ports for both The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel and The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is currently available for PC, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita, while its sequel, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II, is now available for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita with a PC release planned as well. The third entry in the series has yet to be released in the west.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Vex

    Time for Calvard baby!

  • Mechonis

    Probably Sen IV to wrap up Erebonia

  • The financial report straight up says that the new game being developed is a new entry to the Sen no Kiseki titles:

    「日本ゲーム大賞」「プレイステーションアワード」 「ファミ通アワード」など数多くの受賞歴のある 「英雄伝説 閃の軌跡」シリーズ最新作を


    This is definitely not a “totally new” title. lol

  • Some confusion there — will update the article to avoid this

  • Thank you. There are already people misinterpreting it as a ‘Are we getting Calvard now??’ sort of post. It is not Calvard or any other segment of the Kiseki series or Legend of Heroes. Additionally, as an aside, ‘totally new legend of heroes game’ also implies that it’s not Kiseki, since Kiseki is a sub-series of the Legend of Heroes series. (It’s the third saga within the series title, following both the Iselhasa duology and Gagharv trilogy.)

  • Good no downgrading.

  • Michael Richardson

    Hopefully these get ported to the Switch at some point. I’m curious to try them, but not curious enough to buy them for the PS4.

  • BFG

    Someone actually never played the old Eiyuu Densetsu games on PC/PSP where the gnome models & 2d portraits sprites were actually better than everything 3D

  • Sol Lemond Guerin

    Just get it on the PC man

    They require a computer from windows 95 to run practically. lol

  • BFG

    He probably meant the Sen no Kiseki serie, which require something a bit beefier

    Though it’s really the weakest serie of the Eiyuu Densetsu franchise and I wouldnt recommend it at all as an entry point.

  • Michael Richardson

    No thanks. I have an enormous backlog on Steam thanks to humble bundle and the fact that I prefer gaming on portable platforms.

    If Switch keeps selling like it has, especially in Japan, then Falcom will more than likely release Switch versions of these games.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    They’d be leaving a lot of sales on the table if they didn’t, supposedly Cold Steel 3 sold less than the first two games due to it not having a portable version.

  • Chocolate ISISCream

    Eat shit pcfags, another great JRPG exclusive for PS4!

  • BFG

    If you prefer portable platforms then either the PSP or Vita should cover nearly all the Falcom titles


    Who is “Eat shit pcfags”?


    I’ve played The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean, Trails in the Sky, and Cold Steel. Cold Steel 2 sounds like a must. Any other ones that are as well?

  • Mechonis

    Like Cold Steel 1 and 2!….oh wait

  • SuperiorBeing

    yay more high school, dating sim and troupey waifu stuff yay!!

  • Touma

    So Sen IV basically. Why aren they trying to hide it when Sen III already hints at a possible Sen IV anyway.

  • Mister6ame3

    When they announce this game for PC,I’ll laugh at your face again.

  • Michael Richardson

    Yeah, no, I’m sticking with the PSP versions of the Trails in the Sky games. Plus, I don’t believe the Evolution remakes have been localized.

    With regard to Trails of Cold Steel, though, I don’t really want to start the series on Vita and then be forced to play the last two games on my PS4.

  • BFG

    That’s why I said I do not recommend the supposed “Evolution” remakes since they have different artstyle for Sora no Kiseki (I prefer the original one which was more distinct) and a “remastered” soundtrack and anime openings that are worse than the originals for both Sora no kiseki and Ao/Zero no Kiseki.

    PSP also still covers the other Falcom titles such as Ys, the Ys/sora no kiseki crossover, Zwei!!, Nayuta no Kiseki, Brandish hence my recommendation for the system.

  • Michael Richardson

    Great, thanks for the recommendations. I might need to pick up a PSP again one day if I feel like playing older games in the series.

  • Time to kill the nostalgia dude. Sprite games are in the past. The future aways. And the future of this series will not be on Vita. HA!

  • BFG

    You’re only more and more confirming to everyone you absolutely lack taste just because older graphics are your kryptonite.

    Be a good boy and play the Sora no Kiseki titles at least.

  • Chocolate ISISCream

    Stay begging you fucking filthy cuck.

  • Chocolate ISISCream

    Shit sales, it will stay as a Sony exclusive. You brought this on yourselves by purchasing indies and meme trash more than purchasing actual fucking games.

  • Chocolate ISISCream

    Hah, nice one man XD. Leave to reddit nigger.

  • Feniks

    The Olympics opening event in Tokyo should feature a mass cosplay event of Falcom characters.

  • m4ti140

    Nope… CS3 isn’t the last in the CS series, this is going to be CS4… sorry…

  • Megumin

    what the fuck are you talking about weeb

  • Mechonis

    >Shit sales
    Which is why we are still getting them? If it was bad Falcom wouldn’t be saying they want all their games on PC. Go pull your head out of Sony’s ass

  • Bitch please my taste is a masterpiece compared to yours you Vita faggot. Be a good slave and play no games. As the Vita has no games. HA!

  • You SonySlaves always lose. XD

  • Mister6ame3

    Sonyslaves like you made my day.

  • Sean Sharpe

    …It’s not like we’re going to see a Square Enix-style game here. It’s not going to come close to using all the PS4’s potential. ‘sides, these games are about the world building.

  • At least it won’t have the piece of shit Vita pulling it down. It can now release on PS4 and PC much faster.

  • BFG

    You actually mean that devs no longer have to care about optmization and compression since they have “powerful” tools that allow to bypass all this lost art from the older restricted hardware

  • SuperiorBeing

    just saying how excited i am for this gaem!!

  • Can’t optimize for garbage anyway. Get a real gaming system.

  • Cryptomystic

    Where is the English localized version of CS3 ?

  • SiliconNooB

    Pleb status confirmed.


  • Chocolate ISISCream

    I’m on the best platform.

  • Chocolate ISISCream

    Nothing stops the Sony train.

  • Except reality.

  • Mister6ame3