PlayStation Trophies Now Redeemable for PlayStation Store Discounts

Love ’em or hate ’em, achievements, trophies, whatever you want to call them, in-game milestones that earn you rewards – even if they’re just virtual bragging rights, have been a staple of the industry for years now.

A key point detractors from the system have noted is that they’re virtually useless, and literally only for bragging rights. Sony is looking to change that in a new update.

The Sony Rewards program has gotten some new changes that now make it possible to redeem PlayStation Network trophies for discounts towards the PlayStation Store.

Currently only offered in the United States, the new program will net you 100 points for 100 silver trophies, 250 points for 25 gold trophies, and 1000 points for 10 platinum trophies.

There’s a few catches here: you have to be signed up for their rewards program prior to earning these trophies to have them be eligible for the points, and there isn’t really much to redeem them for – 1000 points will get you a $10 discount voucher for the PlayStation Store.

If you’re still interested in signing up and having your trophies actually count toward something, you should check out the Sony Rewards program.

Brandon Orselli


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  • BFG

    As if the issue of japanese visual novels on vita (though as well on PS3 & PS4, but the biggest amount is in the handeld) being scarce and bought by idiots who only speedrun them to get the platinum wasnt a big problem enough.

  • Neppers

    I don’t see an issue with that. It drives up the sales of VNs without compromising their quality. The genre already struggles enough outside of Japan, since normies don’t understand that they’re paying full price for 50+ hours of reading. If trophy hunters are buying them at full price, that’s awesome.

  • Terminus Est

    Hell, VNs struggle within Japan. Part of the reason so many PC ones are being localized is because sales in Japan aren’t what they once were.

  • BFG

    Visual novels arent known to be printed in high quantities in the first place, and those idiots only import them for the trophies not caring in any way what’s the actual content. Before the sell it back at generally 30 bucks (in my country at least, but your average UK or german ebay seller will price them at 40-50 bucks minimum). It’s basically some kind of scalping.

    Those kind of trophy hunters are scum

  • Touma

    Try to speedrun the platinum of White Album Tsuzurareru Fuyu no Omoide, I dare you! unless you have a guide to figure out how to unlock some of the conversations you’re screwed!

  • BFG

    VNs struggle within Japan. Part of the reason so many PC ones are being localized is because sales in Japan aren’t what they once were

    I really doubt that claim. I hope you’re not trying to compare sales of a niche genre to something more mainstream

  • Feniks

    Can’t imagine people doing that. Visual novels are expensive.

    Anyway I’m ambivalent about trophies but it is a nice way to learn about how many people finish games. I look it up every once in a while. Take Witcher 3, a game that is considered the best RPG by many of this generation. Only 28% finished the main quest! Classified as “rare” on PSN.

  • Shiggy Diggy Doo

    >you have to be signed up for their rewards program prior to earning these trophies to have them be eligible for the points
    Oh they can go rightly fuck themselves in the ass

  • BFG

    Can’t imagine people doing that. Visual novels are expensive.

    You really underestimate how far in length people would go, to get some kind of social status, by showing off they have the biggest amount of trophies or videogames

  • Kelandris

    You’d be surprised though. Most games I play, have relatively low rates of finishing the main story. 28% isn’t really all that bad.

  • BFG

    VNs with more complex route branches, like Amagami Plus, definitely slow down those speedrunners

  • Fear Me I Am Free

    Has like 3000 trophies, but none of them are valid. Wonderful.

  • Wannabe_Baby

    I have a U.S. PSN account that I use for everything but I can’t load the site, being outside the U.S. Haven’t been able to load the signup page with a proxy either. Is there a way to sign up?

  • Jack

    $10 for 10 platinum trophies is pathetic.

  • Uncle Ocelot

    >US only

  • Uncle Ocelot

    I wonder how much that would cost them if it was retroactively applied.

  • Kakaku

    I buy about 2 or 3 PS4 games a year. That’s my max. I mostly just play older games. There’s no chance of me getting 100 silver/ 25 gold/ or 10 platinum (only have 4 in the first place). If they let older trophies apply they could at least trick people into thinking its worth it.

  • totenglocke

    It doesn’t apply to anything from before registering? That’s going to piss off a lot of people.

  • Kakaku

    Well lets take a logical leap and say I’m the average PSN user. In my seven years of playing PS3 and PS4 games I’ve earned 240 silver, 52 gold, and 4 platinum (could get 6 if I went back to the inFAMOUS games.

    That’s 200 points for my silver, 500 points for gold, and zero for platinum. That’s 700 points. Theoretically that’s $7 dollars. The cheapest item is a $10 PS store card so I would need 100 silver and 25 more gold minimum just to buy a PSN card. 50 points left over.

    In general I would say that PlayStation is either paying nothing or about $10 for the average user. The only ones with a major payout would be people that regularly platinum games. That guy with 1200 platinums would get $1200 worth of Playstation cards. Considering how many games he’s bought Sony doesn’t really loose much.

  • Snorlaxation

    I heard that in Junpei’s voice. I think he’d agree

  • Snorlaxation

    that’s pissing off a lot people right now in the comments even.
    Honestly, it just seems dumb. It would’ve been a smart draw to have allowed retroactive trophies

  • Feniks

    Funny enough the only platinum I have is from Steins Gate 0 but I didn’t speedrun it.

  • Sony supporters should be used to being fucked over by now.

  • Kitsune

    It’s objectively better than nothing. Not that I still give a single fuck about trophies.

  • BFG

    Weak words from the guy with over 4800 digital games on his steam account

  • Mechonis

    Like everything else Sony does, it’s fucking nothing

  • sanic

    Microsoft and ninty manage to have reward programs in canada…

  • Jettythesunfish

    Doesn’t work for past trophies? What a load of bull. I’ll pass.

  • chaoguy

    A loyalty system would be better. Get X % off when you spend $ X or more. Except they did it with fucking 500 dollars or some shit.
    Why can’t Sony into business?

  • DrearierSpider

    I’m an avid PC gamer, but they’re giving more than the “not a goddamn thing” every other platform is currently offering. Sucks that it’s not retroactive, but you don’t lose anything either.

  • Riosine

    Can’t these sony gamerz just make a New PSN account and just get those old trophies again?

  • drunken monk

    He’s the biggest troll on this site at the moment. Look at his uploads on his profile, half of them are originally Sony games lol.

    He can’t afford a PS4 because he put all his money into a gaming PC just to go around doing exactly this in Sony articles but waiting for what they port over to it. A contradictory retard.

  • You are still still Jealous. HEHEHEHEHE.

  • BFG

    For a guy who hates consoles users for being “corporate slaves”, he’s certainly no better with his unhealthly dependance of Steam.

    He’s been also [autistic screeching] at the vita for a long time for some reason. Then again he thinks older and more restricted hardware (like the handhelds) “hold back”
    games, despite it’s been proved to be the contrary that hardware
    limitation pushed devs to think twice and experiment. The same way
    having expensive “better” tools dont make you a better artist or

  • Oh I can easily afford a PS4 but only a retard would get a PS4 when you have a monster PC like I do.

  • I use GoG as well. Steam is not the only way I game child. Vita does hold back games but it doesn’t matter anymore as that piece of shit is long dead.

  • BFG

    That doesnt negate at all about your dependence of Steam corporation.

    Vita does hold back games

    What about the DS? The PSP? The 6th generation of home consoles and even back before? Did they “”””held back”””” games too?

  • drunken monk

    So you can play Sony games on PC while insulting the company at the same time. You’re the biggest hypocritical, insecure retard I’ve seen in a while.

  • drunken monk

    Yup, and he spends way less money on digital licenses than console people buying collector’s editions and physical.

    He’s an insecure troll with severe mental health problems who discovered the PC master class meme from years ago and thought it would give his broken self a boost to insult the fanbase and the company all over the internet like its a job. Then he waits for them to release the games on PC for cheap and plays them AFTER that same fanbase already beat them lol.

    Read this “conversation” to laugh out loud and see how far down the rabbit hole this scum really is. He was trying so hard to come up with something but it kept backfiring LOL:

  • BFG

    Yup, and he spends way less money on digital licenses than console people buying collector’s editions and physical.

    No, he does have the money (from whatever mean) to buy all those licenses. He’s just no different of the folks who buy physicals of game consoles for the sake of showing off to others and never actually playing them.

  • drunken monk

    I have over 200 games on Steam alone without counting Uplay, Origin and DRM free titles. My point was the amount of $ spent because PC games are much cheaper with the gray market keys, all the widespread sales, Humble Bundle, gog and Indiegala etc.

  • BFG

    Even with counting sales, he still has 5500 bought items on his account. So that’s still a very large chunk of money not a lot of people can afford.

    And Gamezard seems fairly young to never know the greateness of PC gaming that was in the 90s up to mid 2000s.

  • drunken monk

    A lot of the indie games are dirt cheap or even free and Humble Bundle gives you a bunch at a time. I know what you’re saying though, there’s people like that who think a big # in their library is going to impress strangers while leaving their % at 0. Without realizing it’s the ones you’ve finished and their difficulty challenge that actually could matter in that situation.

    I built my 1st gaming PC in the early 2000’s and enjoyed the era before Steam too, good times man. There was no toxicity like with this internet trolls and morons today.

  • So you know my age now then tell me?

  • Sony published games on PC?

  • I don’t depend on steam like how you console faggot depend on corporations. I use GoG as well. Plus I can always pirate games. Something you children will never understand.

    Yes but they are dead.

  • drunken monk

    Lol, here he is asking to be spoon-fed. Re-read what I told you a few days ago in that link I posted above and try to figure out this big mystery Einstein.

  • drunken monk

    Lmao. So triggered, regurgitating the same old material. I can just picture you being a 30+ year old loser who sits in front of his PC all day like a fat slob, looking over his Steam library count while pleasuring himself.

  • BFG

    I don’t depend on steam like how you console faggot depend on corporations. I use GoG as well. Plus I can always pirate games. Something you children will never understand

    So “it’s okay because it’s Steam” in the same way as any fanboy to a corporation. Quite ironic that you’re barely different of the very thing you’re often criticizing. And using GoG again doesnt negate at all that you have more money than common sense. You would also have bought less shovelware and crap stuff if you were truly pirating, but i suppose that would require having taste too. And it sounds like you willfully ignore piracy on consoles, especially on the old handhelds like the DS/PSP and the PS2.

    The mental gymnastics you do in order to save yourself from your own hypocrisy is quite atonishing.

    I dont think people would shit on you, for your purchase habits, if you werent acting like a trolling cunt 100% of the time.

  • No steam is a corporation like Sony or Nintendo the only difference is I don’t need them like how you need Sony for your console to be usable. Even without steam I can game on PC easily as I am free of chains unlike you console slaves. Most of the games I have on steam I got for free thanks to steamgifts. You lose as all console cunts.

  • Still so salty that I am better than you in every way. Continue to hate me as it just makes me stronger. HA!

  • Care to point out what Sony games I played for my channel?

  • You are so triggered I love it!

  • drunken monk

    A moron grasping at straws because he has nothing substantial. Pretty pathetic. Since you admitted you can’t read at an adult level and couldn’t figure out the big mystery, here’s the answer from just 5 days ago, gl connecting the dots LOL:

    Remember when I said you have a shit memory before? Poor princess Zetard.

  • BFG

    That still doesnt negate that piracy exists as well on consoles, so you arent dependant of Sony or Nintendo either (unless you meant hardware, but at this point of argument, this could be applied to Intel, AMD, Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, Samsung, Western Digital, Hitachi, etc as well) unlike what you make it to be.

    More like you need to show off your (((superiority))) because of your huge purchase habits (which would also explain why you always ask at other pc users their steam account and build in order to compare).

  • drunken monk

    Know how I know that you’re the only triggered one? You’re grasping at straws making up assumptions and bending statements to fit your trolling narrative out of desperation, and I’m using the hypocrisy and bullshit in your actual statements to bury you with logic and reason.

  • drunken monk

    You’re too pathetic to even take pity on. You’re delusional with your superiority complex hanging by the threads of your PC because that’s all you have going in life. Delusions are a form of chemical imbalance, I told you before to get checked out before you self-destruct with all that projecting rage but I kinda wanna see it happen.

    Btw, I’m superior than you because I have a gaming PC, a PS4Pro and XB1S. Rekt with your own logic! LOL!

  • You are so angry that it is both sad and funny. HEHEHEH!
    Prove you have a gaming PC faggot. List your specs and link your steam account kid.

  • You are the only one triggered kid as you are the only one that is mad. :)

  • You can pirate on recent consoles? I can’t help being superior to you and the other Vitafags as it comes naturally to me. Like breathing.

  • What Sony games are on PC?

  • drunken monk

    Flew over your head as usual. More projecting and childish name-calling from the kid who, ironically, pretend plays a princess in Atelier, then calls the real Sony exclusives “retarded hipster.” Look in the mirror retard.

    I don’t need to prove anything to your bitch ass. My 1st statement that triggered your retarded trolling 5 days ago proves I game on both platforms:

  • drunken monk

    You couldn’t connect A to B if they were the only letters right in front of you.

  • drunken monk

    Keep telling yourself that. Just saying something doesn’t make it true princess.

  • Heheheheh. You are so pissed that I told you the truth.

  • I haven’t used the PS4 emulator yet.

  • drunken monk

    A single line consisting of you mirroring what I said to you is not the truth, it’s another example of you being a retarded kid in a playground pissing contest.

    This is the truth: Know how I know that you’re the only triggered one here? You’re grasping at straws making up assumptions and bending statements to fit your trolling narrative out of desperation, and I’m using the hypocrisy and bullshit in your actual statements to bury you with logic and reason.

  • What is your steam name corgidogy?

  • drunken monk

    I know you’re waiting for that one. It’ll happen before you ever save enough to buy a PS4 Pro and a real HDR big screen 4K TV over 60″.

  • You mad that you lost the playground pissing contest? Post your steam account.

  • BFG

    I can’t help being superior to you and the other gamers, regardless they use PC and consoles, as it comes naturally to me. Like breathing.


  • Post your steam account.

  • drunken monk

    I beat you black and blue 5 days ago and this is the sequel. The mad one is the retarded kid who raged with the word “faggot.”

    I’m also smart enough to not disclose my gaming tags and ID’s in my Disqus like the desperate, attention-starved loser that you are, especially to scum like you. I don’t need to even if I was as dumb as you, because like I said: I don’t need to prove anything to your bitch ass. My 1st statement that triggered your retarded trolling 5 days ago proves I game on both platforms:

  • HEHEHEHEH! I am never mad when I use the word faggot just like when I say nigger or cunt. They are just normal words to me. simple. Why do you fear me so much child?

  • BFG

    I simply suggest to report and block, and then move on

  • Never mind I found your steam account:

    JaiMento? Apparently you are an Xfag. that is surprising.

  • This is not gemastu as reporting doesn’t do anything. I found his steam account so now I will see if I can find yours. :)

  • drunken monk

    Ignoring the meat of what I said and saying some bullshit to keep the conversation going is more proof of your retarded trolling after you have nothing and already lost.

    I can guess the reason you don’t type your toxicity and hate Dualshockers so much is because they saw you as I exposed you here and banned you.

    You saw the free guidelines of this site and think you can let spread like the cancer that you are, but damn, I utterly destroyed you at a level of intelligence that overwhelmed your retarded peak.

  • drunken monk

    Rofl. Try again desperate troll. Keep trying to find the link that wouldn’t even support your argument because it never mattered. LOL.

  • You need more games than 200 son.

  • drunken monk

    I actually play mine instead of decorating my PC with them like jewelry for a princess.

  • You don’t even log in to steam kid. HAHAHAHAHA!

  • drunken monk

    When you have no comeback, post a vid or a gif. You need to update your troll handbook but aren’t smart enough.

  • drunken monk

    What a fake laugh. Keep making up shit without proof and blabbering, you’ve been done since 5 days ago and got annihilated again. That’s the only real HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH here. /

  • drunken monk

    Know how I know that you’re the only triggered one here? You’re grasping at straws making up assumptions and bending statements to fit your trolling narrative out of desperation, and I’m using the hypocrisy and bullshit in your actual statements to bury you with logic and reason.

  • You don’t like my laughter? Then stop being such a huge joke. HAHAHAHAHAAH!

  • drunken monk

    Know how I know that you’re the only triggered one here? You’re grasping at straws making up assumptions and bending statements to fit your trolling narrative out of desperation, and I’m using the hypocrisy and bullshit in your actual statements to bury you with logic and reason.

  • drunken monk

    I actually play my games instead of decorating my PC with them like jewelry for a princess who spreads his ass for steamed gifts.

  • Jealous that I am more well off then you. Pathetic peasant. HEHEHEHE!

  • You know what? You are a hypocrite. You say I am a troll yet you continue to follow and talk to me? I thought the best course of action was to ignore trolls? HA!

  • drunken monk

    I’ve been copy/ pasting while you’ve been scouring the internet for irrelevant gifs.

    Last post means nothing when I beat you so badly that you have nothing else left, princess retard. HAHAHAHAH.

  • These are all from my collection kid. I have millions of them.
    You lose just like in life.

  • drunken monk

    For someone with such a self-proclaimed “monster PC” and tons of jewelry, you have a lot of time being concerned about how strangers on the internet play their games.

  • So can you go for another round?

  • drunken monk

    I like Tom Cruise.

    I already said that to you.

    You lost 5 days ago.

    Keep mooching off your parents or the gov, whoever helps a retarded sociopath in your case.

  • drunken monk

    I don’t swing that way. Go cry in your usual timeout corner.

  • drunken monk

    It’s “than” retard. You’re going in circles with bullshit like those retarded kids who run around all day. You’d be lucky to get mentored by a peasant but even they recognize trash when they see it.

  • ProfessorFluffy

    From a look at the rewards site, it looks like each reward tier may only be taken once. In that case at most it would be 10$ per user with 10 platinum trophies.

  • Nah you just caught me inbetween longplays.

  • drunken monk

    You didn’t find shit except for year old internet searches:

    A lying, retarded troll.

  • I think your ass can go another round.

  • Damn I was gone for 30 mins and you left 10 replies. Don’t get so desperate baby as daddy was always coming back.

  • Nah you confirmed that this is your steam account. But I can understand why you would be so embarrassed baby.

  • drunken monk

    30 minutes to calm down from a triggered state and ass whupping, and comes back asking for seconds like the sociopathic dumb troll he is. Smh.

  • Nah I was on youtube checking up on my uploads. Nice the know you was that desperate for my attention babe. Never met a bitch that was this desperate before. HA!

  • Was you stupid enough to buy a PS4 pro?

  • drunken monk

    *were, you illiterate. Rich irony.

    I was gamer and rich enough to buy it, unlike you. You wait for the games I already played on a Sony console, like Vanquish and Bayonetta, years after everybody has moved on to newer titles.

    Then I buy them again for my PC if I liked them.

    You can’t afford to do both but like a hypocrite troll, play whatever originally console platform games come your way after begging, like with your parents and Steam gifts.

  • drunken monk

    Show me how it’s confirmed. You don’t even know what that word means.

  • drunken monk

    More proof you’re slow as fuck in the head: took you 30 mins to check your lifeless channel with recent Atelier views between 10-20. LOL.

    Desperate is you who likes getting killed over and over again just because it’s some form of attention in his pathetic life.

  • Oh I could buy a PS4 pro and Xbox One X if I want. But I don’t support scams. :)

  • You told me so. :)

  • I have a lot of videos uploading and in private right now. My entire next longplay is nearly fully uploaded. Thanks for subscribing by the way.

  • Riosine

    wow Gamezard looks like desperate to talk with someone and guess what Drunken monk too. You guys deserve each other

    Poor BFG somehow got dragged by the inane “Not I trigger YOU ranting” you both did

  • drunken monk

    No one gives a single shit about your shitty channel or your “no commentary” casual playthroughs of “retarded, hipster” games.

    Why the fuck would I sub to you? You can’t help but constantly lie like the little bitch I already exposed you to be.

  • But you talked about my channel multiple times? Are you on your period?

  • drunken monk

    English please. I’m doing what you in this community couldn’t be bothered to do with a troll for how long now?

  • Riosine

    Hah! you think you are better troll than Gamezard because you English argumentation?

    Sorry. you also are full of assumption circumstantial evidence, and fool enought to got dragged in the same trap not once but twich withj last week. But, at least, you talk Pretty!

    (btw, wtf do you have an X1s and a PC considering Pc library contains x1 library)

  • drunken monk

    “But you was talked about my channel multiple times? Are you on your period?”

    Lol. Can’t even make sense anymore. Oh wait, you never did.

  • drunken monk

    Nice try with this alt.

  • What? Learn to read kid.

  • Riosine

    Rofl,.Thus confirming my initial theory, You are full of bullshit as well.

  • Sony nigger got desperate lol.

  • drunken monk

    I couldn’t give a shit about your inaccurate theory or claim or you when you couldn’t even gauge the situation correctly or type coherently.

  • drunken monk

    No you couldn’t because you’re a casual as can be gamer whose opinion on gaming means nothing. Why? Because only between 100-75 games out of your library of 5000 have over 5 hours logged in them. You’re a filthy casual pretending to be hardcore playing point and click shit like Broken Age.

    That ain’t the only thing broken here. You’re the result of what happens when a sociopath who needed help never got it so he buried himself in games and trolling disqus all day.

  • You lost already child. Go home.

  • drunken monk

    Oh wow, a screenshot of what’s right here. Amazing argument.

  • Just in case you try to edit your lie away. ;)

  • drunken monk

    That’s you. Tell me, what hasn’t backfired on you? Bet you just realized about email notifications you fucking retard.

    HA? Oh yeah.

  • Nice Photoshop asshole. My comment was not edited. You lose again.

  • drunken monk

    “Nice Photoshop asshole. My comment was not edited. You lose again.”

    Retard strikes and gets killed. Again.

  • Riosine

    Let see how my theory was. Drunken Monk only wants to talk. He replied Good job at being predictable

    Now keep doing your assumption and pretending everyone in Niche Gamers is a Gamezard alt. While pretending you are not triggered at him or, by extension, anyone that you gender identify as Gamezard.

  • Heheheh. You don’t know how discus works huh sweet heart?

  • drunken monk

    I’m here to kill trolls and did it successfully because he made it easy with each and every response and I stuck around because I couldn’t sleep. If you think that was me triggered, you didn’t read it starting from 5 days ago or you have problems.
    You’re the one here to talk to me but can barely write better than him.

    “Pretending everyone in NG is a Gamezard alt.” So you’re representative of everyone at NG now? Please.

    “Triggered by anyone that you gender identify as gamezard.” I never identified him, try making sense.

  • drunken monk

    Your desperation struggle continues. Email precedes disqus edits dumbass.

  • drunken monk

    “Heheheh. You don’t know how discus works huh sweet heart?”

    This is Disqus, with a Q. Discus is a track and field sport. You’re done without having a single, valid argument or insult. That’s what happens when your starting intelligence level is that low and brain chemistry is already fried.

  • Riosine

    Dude do I have to explain what did you did ? (Sight humanist they only care about language and expose themselves with it)

    You exposed yourself kid, you got angry at me cause my language hasn’t booted properly yet, and when I further Inquired about your shitty methodology, you, instead of trying to reform it, you choosed to simply get triggered at me thinking I was Gamezard. Thus Exposing that you are actually mad at him and what he claims about you actually make sense

    So Sorry you just destroyed your own, pretty argument of Englishdom and now are doing the same mental gymnastic you blamed gamezard from doing. And you are Troll

  • drunken monk

    You’re the result of what happens when a sociopath who needed help never got it so he buried himself in collecting games and trolling disqus all day.

  • drunken monk

    Nice mental gymnastics there. I’m not mad at a dumb troll who didn’t present a single, valid argument or insult based on reason or logic.

    You come attack me out of the gate with no one else around, with broken logic and writing just as bad as his, with wild accusations (“you also are full of assumption circumstantial evidence”) and insults and expected me to believe you weren’t his alt?

    Maybe if you opened with this kinda post but its too late. I’m not the troll. The troll is you who jumped in and took sides and flamed the situation without reading it all.

  • Riosine

    Im not attacking you, Im neither your enemy, Thats just so convenient for your dead argument. Your narrative has simply blinded you

    So Well do you even have Real Tangible Lab Replicalbe Hard Evidence of Cold hard truth for any of your claims? Nah you just want to talk to people in the internet about Trolling n’Assumptions in a game related context.

  • drunken monk

    Lol is all I can do at this point. You did, and still are and I’m letting it slide. Try reading the whole conversation because it was there from the beginning, before you illustrate that you practice what you’re telling me:

    This troll continued to answer with derailing bullshit, and I continued to destroy him with how that new info backfired on him. It became fun because the joke was on him and he was trying so hard to lie and go off the core arguments which he already lost 5 days ago.

    You don’t come in at the end, look at a few posts and start doing what you did.

  • Riosine

    You mean that nonsequitur about X has a lot of games from Y, Therefore X is a corporate whore? wow thats some Flawless reasoning out there. But then again you are a humanist.

    Or what about only stream (some) former sony games on youtube. and he has to wait for them to come to PC. how is that even a Problem people can play and stream whatever they wish at the moment they deem optimal.

    Or anything else you just felt like make Bottled hurricanes about?

    Simply put. That guy is just telling the Sony Platfrom sucks, He just have an opinion (that mostly align within truth). You just been over reacting to it

  • Matz

    I can see why so many people are mad about this, some platinums require a lot of grinding (Like Neptunia games) and some require to play in Multi-Player Only modes in games that are dead as fuck and nobody plays them anymore

  • drunken monk

    I never called anyone a “corporate whore.” That was him and it’s all right there with the “SonySlave” rhetoric. You’re an idiot who can’t read or write, plain and simple. No wonder you side with the toxic troll.

  • Riosine

    Meh My choice of wording doesn’t even matters.

    Your main Modus operandi is simply getting angry at people over Trivial stuff and then go in a forever reply sequence while pretending you are, somehow, better for your superior english argumentation that is 100% about first striking abilities of self-projecting, mental gymnastics and name calling people.
    All your claim rest under 0 Critical Scientifical evidence. But your own self pretentious ego to apparent superiority over your equal peers.

    But then again you are from the humaniities, side, what other skill your kind even have other than pretend smartness by policing grammer of texting that could be understood even if scrambled, and beside outright argumentative deception?.

    Im not even siding with gamezard,You would have simply understood that if you would have have and infinitesimal of mathematical knowledge when I said both of you are equal, THEREFORE THIS APPLY TO BOTH OF YOU

    Now I could smell a silly humanities undergrad from kilometers. your over inflated self simply disgust me. English and Philosophy are just trash

  • drunken monk

    In a completely written interface, choice of wording matters. A lot. Can’t be bothered to retort the rest of your off-topic rant when the 1st sentence is so incorrect, and when before you mistook or intentionally stated what he said as what I said. Let me guess, comprehension doesn’t matter and you can lie to make a point because you’ve broken past the confines of the ego and self. Get the fuck outta here with your bullshit.

  • Riosine

    In somewhere, elsewhere, completely unrelated interface words matter. therefore here too YEAH Flawless Humanist reasoning Part 2

    humanist is so cute when being silly. He think can debate foxy with just wording phallusies and no real proof awww

  • drunken monk

    It matters here and you fail and you’re looking more and more like his alt in spirit if not in flesh.

    I see why and where you’ve been trying to derail with your bullshit, ‘I’m above your English rhetoric,’ though since you liked the troll’s original comment:

    GameZard • 19 hours ago
    Sony supporters should be used to being fucked over by now.

    Congrats on being the #2 dumb as shit PC advocate who couldn’t stand my platform bipartisanship and had to resort to lies and “mental gymnastics.”

  • drunken monk

    Your troll folder has more content and gets more attention than your Steam library. That’s when you know you’re fucked in the head.

  • Riosine

    Oh Is that so? Poor silly humanities troll sound like he is just envious.that I liked the other troll comentary, And now identifiies me Gamezard-kin. (wow that user is going to be so annoyed when he learnts he is now an Other-Kin gender)

    So well I will give you a Like then too. So well, you know, you also get in an Existential Crisis with your latest Flawless Humanist reasoning Part 3

  • drunken monk

    Thanks for making me laugh as I start my day.

  • Dr.Weird

    ITT people who are big enough gay retards to give a shit about someone else’s gaming machine of preference and argue about it for hours.

  • porkbun

    jesus christ at least count people’s ps4 trophies. I mean vita and ps3 were hacked so a lot of those trophies are fake but ps4 is fine.

  • Jack Thompson

    Wew lad. Nice autism war. I bet my dad could beat up your guys’ dads.

  • RPG

    Reads title of the article.
    “YES! This is what I have been saying should have been a thing years ago! Since the start of achievements and trophies back in the day!”
    Reads article.

  • No need to be so jealous. You Console slaves have some games. HA!

  • Well let me teach you something. If I edited my comment it would have “edited” next to it. But I didn’t and you got caught in another lie. HA!

  • You are just having your period.

  • Not really kid. My comments is provable your emails is not as you can just edit it.

  • -fishy-GAMEs-

    I think GameRetard has legitimate schizophrenia or his level of intelligence is so far on the sub-human level that schizophrenia is just a natural state of mind for him instead of being a mental disorder. Seeing as he’s spent nearly 50 thousand dollars renting app.db Steam licenses 99% of which he hasn’t even installed or played or ill ever play, I’m leaning toward the latter.

  • -fishy-GAMEs-

    I’m replying to this comment and copying & pasting what I said to drunken monk because I hoped you have seen it too.

    ”I think GameRetard has legitimate schizophrenia or his level of
    intelligence is so far on the sub-human level that schizophrenia is just
    a natural state of mind for him instead of being a mental disorder.
    Seeing as he’s spent nearly 50 thousand dollars renting app.db Steam
    licenses 99% of which he hasn’t even installed or played or will ever
    play, I’m actually leaning toward the latter. Either way he needs mental
    help as soon as possible as he is in the process of permanently fucking
    up his mind and will probably go clinically insane soon. It’s not easy
    finding help and requires more courage than it dose to trolling internet
    forums 24/7 but you have to draw the line somewhere or in GameRetard’s
    case, I hope someone draws it for him, unplugs his ethernet cable and
    puts him in therapy or psychiatric ward because those are quickly
    becoming his only two future prospects if they aren’t already.”

    Get help bro, you really, really fucking need it and could benefit from it.

  • HAHAHAH! You made a throw away account just to troll me! I am getting more popular by the minute. :)

  • -fishy-GAMEs-

    Most of the people replying to you game on PC, consoles and handhelds. They are less dependant on corporations as you are. Alternating between Gog and Steam means fucking shit to most of us, you have 44 thousand dollars on a steam account you are the biggest corporate slave there is is and you’re continuously projecting that onto us trying to make it appear as if we are when we are not. You’re not an idort, using gog doesn’t make you an idort, you’re chained to the PC platform, a.k.a a single platform corporate slave. We are not.

  • -fishy-GAMEs-

    Get. Help.

  • You Sonyfags get triggered so easily. You guys need to return to Dualshockers seeing that that is your safe space.

  • You first glasshouse.

  • -fishy-GAMEs-

    I actually did get help you see I’m not trolling you I’m being real with you, you need help or your mind is going to become permanently fucked up. Don’t say I didn’t warn you when the men in white suits drags you into the psych ward even tho you don’t wanna gp because that’s what’s gonna happen soon if you don’t change your circumstances and seek help. It’s harder than being a platform warrior but its true strength, console wars are easy thats why they are for loosers but getting help proves you actually have the strength to be a man. That’s why I can say I am better than you and stronger than you because I got help for my problems while you decided to stay where its comfortable.

  • I got most of my steam games for free or 90% discounted. You SonySlaves need sony to game. I don’t need steam as I can pirate all my games or use GoG. I am free but you Corporate slaves are not.

  • I win and you lose again glasshouse.

  • -fishy-GAMEs-

    Please get help gamezard, you need it badly bro.

  • Nah too busy.

  • You really are obsess with me. Nice!

  • Heheheheh.

  • -fishy-GAMEs-

    I can get you in contact with some services or some phone numbers. If you search google you can find a nearby doctor and he will help you get in contact with some services, you can do it man. Just contact somebody and they will help you, they really will help you but you have to try otherwise it wont work. I gotta go sleep now but please just think about it at least okay? It’s never too late.

  • What did you get help for? Pedophilia?

  • Did you kill someone bro?

  • Hellooo. Are you still there crazy?

  • -fishy-GAMEs-

    No dude, I just stayed inside for too long playing games and doing console war stuff but I had deeper problems going on probably like u probabbly. I did that for like 7 god damm years until I saw a doctor and got therapy and it turns out I have major depressive disorder, (when you’re so depressed you don’t even feel sad anymore and you only feel anger because its the strongest emotion and you want to feel it because you feel nothing else) and also I developed anxiety, paranoia and also had diagnosed bipolar disorder. Right now I’m on medication but this stuff takes years to fix, I’m still mentally pretty broken but I am slowly, slowly getting better. I don’t know how doctors work in your country but you should try speak with someone and put a plan or something into motion so one day you can get somewhere better. That’s what I did and it was fucking hard, I rather stay home and play games instead so I wasted 7 years of my life and developed many problems. So I am from my own experience, I don’t wish these problems on anyone thats why I advocate help instead of staying comfortable at home because it just creates more problems for you in the end that you have to deal with eventually. If it helps, know you have 1 supporter, me, but only for getting help, if u do console war stuff I don’t suppport you but if you try to improve yourself and get help then I really fucking wish you make it bro. Seriously you can do it just try, get in contatct with somebody and try get help, it’s not easy but you can do it. I gotta go sleep for now though so I’ll reply to you later so don’t wait up.

  • -fishy-GAMEs-

    edit: Im also in therapy too and see a pshychiatist 2 times a week, they know how to deal with peopple like me so its easy to talk with them about things others wont be able to.

  • Which console company did you worship? I bet it was Sony.

  • drunken monk

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting Jack the troll supporter. You’re not smarter than him with your “autism war” analysis.

  • drunken monk

    ITT, a toxic troll who does just that and dumbass passerbys who couldn’t read the 1st thing I said about supporting all platforms and ultimately supporting him. Learn to at least fucking read if you’re gonna jump in like a jackass and expose yourself.

  • drunken monk

    One more time that you kill yourself and show what a big, neurotic, inbred retard you are. Forget how Disqus works, you don’t know shit but how to be the most bottom tier troll on this site.

  • drunken monk

    Says the bitch who was so triggered he had to do a Google search on my name and leave comments on year old articles, and who plays 2 Atelier games and even leaves broken English reviews for them. What an inbred, sexually repressed dumbfuck. Hahaha. Bitch ass Princess Retard.

  • drunken monk

    Back to square 1 for the retard with the broken brain and no soul. At least I have consoles and OPTIONS you poor little begging bitch LOL. Go beg your guardian for some money when you get a chance to get off your ass collecting steam gifts for crap you never play like the poser you are.

    PC gets some ports of console games because consoles are the lead platform for most titles. You wait for them ports like a significant portion of your dead utube channel uploads.

    You don’t know shit. You can barely write in your elementary school level retarded English Steam reviews, which were fucking hilarious on top of all this!

  • drunken monk

    I have what you have + 2 current gen consoles + a 4K HDR 65″ TV. Try again Princess Retard. Even a monkey would’ve gotten it by now.

    I don’t need gifts for my Steam library either.

  • drunken monk

    You really can’t help but embarrass your inbred Virginian redneck shit genetics, kicking in full gear but still getting simple shit wrong.

    There’s your profile…why you don’t talk in your uploads and why you had to become a full time troll for attention cuz you can’t leave your parent’s house with your special needs.

    Tries so hard but gets abused and beaten left and right. Smh lol.

  • Wow you are so mad. HA!

  • You have no games. No wonder you are so bored.

  • You just continue to go around in circles.

  • You so salty. :)

  • You got caught in a lie.

  • GmailIsDown

    Microsoft has been doing that for a long time for their Xbox rewards. You get $$$ back when you spend, and higher tiers give more % back.

  • drunken monk

    You =/= I, child. Who do you think you’re fooling with proof right above? Lol!

    But no surprise from the dumbest troll on the internet who implicates and embarrasses himself on purpose at every turn as a form of his best effort trolling. All that abuse in your real life flipped your retarded brain.

  • drunken monk

    Mixing up your pronouns again. Learn something new monkey.

  • drunken monk

    This again. Retarded loser with no memory forgot about how I, and others, broke down his barely touched Steam library.

    No games would be the dumbest troll on the internet with 6.6k comments in 1.5 years for an average of 36 comments a day on DQ. HAHAHAHA!! Oh damn!

    Bottom tier trolling in your dark room you rarely leave is really a full time job for a fucking loser whose PC is his best and only friend. Let the truth sink in. You’re retarded as fuck and it’s not a persona.

  • drunken monk

    Mixing up your pronouns again. “I” is what you’re looking for there, little retarded child, as it has already been proven. Try and fail again.

  • Dr.Weird

    your dad is gay

  • It’s like a never ending cycle of lulz.

  • Blah blah. We all no you have no games. :)

  • Hehehehe. You are so mad.

  • You got caught bitch. You can’t fool the system. Lol

  • drunken monk

    Lol, and you actually thought you were better than the troll. You retarded trolls really love projecting yourself and your lives. Congratulations, you’re 7 years old, and given your infatuation with the word “gay,” at least 1 person in your family probably is, including you.

  • drunken monk

    36 comment/ day avg for a year and a half. Barely any games played, most being ports from consoles, especially Sony, and old/ casual games in general.

    You’re so retarded you don’t even know the difference between know vs no, or singular vs plural.

  • drunken monk

    Usual response from a retarded monkey when he has no actual retort.

  • drunken monk

    And they’re all at your expense I exposed with facts while you trolled with gibberish.

  • You got caught in a lie.

  • You are salty as the sea. HA

  • You have no games.

  • drunken monk

    Anybody who’s not retarded like you can read everything already posted and come to this conclusion: you’re fucking retarded as proven and shown multiple times and can’t argue or debate for shit. Learn your one and only native tongue first, before you hit 40.

  • Prove that you have games by linking your PSN.

  • Dr.Weird

    Are you saying we’re related?

  • -fishy-GAMEs-

    You can’t really worship Sony and be Neet at the same time because of money. I was on PC the entire time but I didn’t really become a worshipper, I just used mine to play games and watch animes and download porn all day every day until I stopped going outside alltogether. I was addicted to mmo’s and the only reason that stopped was because I my account got perma banned for hacking/item cloning/level-up hacks, etc.

  • Flariz

    Long time lurker here. I want to thank you al guys. This was OnE of the best, funniest internet fight I have ever seen.Seriously made my day!

  • drunken monk

    You wish. My family is full of real doctors, not demented inbred retards.

  • Neets worship console companies all the time just look at most people ar dualshockers.

  • Dr.Weird

    ah, so you’re jewish, which is why your dad and you are gay, got it.

  • drunken monk

    Lmao, what an isolated and close-knit (inbred) rural community you must’ve been born, raised and still stuck in to believe that outdated stereotype in today’s broader global world.

    Going by your history, it’s not even trolling, you really are that retarded in your idealogy, which in this case boils down to you being jealous of a more successful and intelligent ethnoreligious group, who dumbfucks like you use as a scapegoat for problems of the western world to rationalize your position at the bottom of society.

    And yes, everybody is gay except you, especially when you disagree with them and have nothing intelligent or valid to refute with. Pathetic projections of a feeble retard from inside the closet.

  • Dr.Weird

    why would I be jealous of you for being a homosexual with your dad?

  • drunken monk

    Woosh! Too many big words for the retarded white trash that even Caucasians shun.

  • Dr.Weird

    Now I get why you’re mad, you’ve never met the guy in the first place so you don’t know if he’s gay or not.

  • drunken monk

    Truth equals mad, says the retard who was so desperate for attention, he had to jump into someone else’s conversation to follow in TrollTard’s footsteps lol.

    You = baseless trolling which could never piss me off

    Me = using your 100% serious post history against you, giving you cause to be the only mad one behind retarded deflections

  • Dr.Weird

    I don’t even remember what’s going on here, but it’s gay af.

  • drunken monk

    All you can think about is gay shit for a reason, it’s all that’s on your mind. This site has the dumbest wannabe trolls I’ve seen in a while. We already established you’re retarded but keep adding proof.