StarCraft 2 Goes Free to Play

Blizzard has announced they’re making StarCraft 2 free-to-play.

The base game including its Wings of Liberty campaign will be entirely free-to-play. Featured above, you can view the new trailer for the free version revealed at this year’s Blizzcon.

The game’s free-to-play launch is set for November 14th, and if you already own Wings of Liberty you’ll get Heart of the Swarm free instead. Free players have full access to the ranked multiplayer ladder, as well as every co-op commander up to level five.

Blizzard previously made StarCraft 2 free in a smaller dose, with its “Starter Edition,” which made custom maps and some content free. This is essentially the entire base game becoming free-to-play now.

Brandon Orselli


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  • Cwbintennessee Michael Winton

    >tfw I spent 80 bucks on the base game plus the expansion
    ie: the Nova ghost missions
    I”m a Blizzard fanboy though when it comes to Starcraft, I have no shame

  • Nin

    Honestly, Wings of Liberty had the best single player campaign by virtue of having the most customization.

    Not that the Zerg and Protoss campaigns had zero customization, but compared to the Terrans where both buildings and units worked differently based on your choices, the Zerg campaign only lets your main units evolve to gain a new ability and become more specialized one way or another, and the Protoss campaign only let you mix and match units.

  • iswear12

    Me and my brother combined probably spent about 132 dollars, buying all 3 games when they were new, and 3 microtransactions that I regret.
    I fucking hate Blizzard now.

  • iswear12

    It just had the most *fun* campaign period. I’ve replayed the entire thing 6 times over the last 6 years, so I guess that makes it once a year. I finally beat all the campaigns on brutal this year (without a walkthrough too) so I think I might finally be done with it all for a while.

  • Psyramics

    You’ve also been able to play it for several years that people like myself have not, so…

  • Madbrainbox

    Money well spent.It’s cool that even more people will be able to enjoy this game now.

  • blackice85

    I think I probably like the Terran campaign the best overall too, but I really didn’t like the Protoss mini-campaign within it, especially In Utter Darkness. Just hate that style of objective where you’re just holding out.

  • braneman

    Until they fix the whole spawn larvae/chrono boost/mules busywork this game is never going to become popular as an esport because of that unnecessarily tedious skill floor.

  • Miguel Angel Opazo Arancibia

    If i have Heart of the Swarm will i get the Protoss one for free ?

  • iswear12

    Yeah. I also got to witness Blizzard ruin every part of it and kill off the community before it died.
    You could also have played free with friends on stuff like customs and starter packs, and you could also have pirated the game to experience the campaign (the 2 expansions’ campaigns were underwhelming).
    Its cheap as absolute dirt now for all 3 games and I would’ve been fine with that. Instead being f2p will likely make Blizzard throw even more microtransactions into the game, the community will be flooded with poor english speakers and people who know nothing about the history and community of the game, and the general level of quality for everything from custom maps to player skill to just general friendliness will go down. There is no f2p community I can think of that I have enjoyed being a part of.

  • Bitterbear

    I guess this means that not even the South Koreans want this game.

  • Cwbintennessee Michael Winton

    Zynga ruined free to play communities

  • Travis Touchdown

    Hahaha. Wow.

    So this is the future of PC gaming. Lootboxes, paid DLC, and paid mods.

  • AnarKreig

    Free? I’m sorry, but I’ll need to be paid to play this trash.

  • Zombie_Barioth

    You do realize all that shit is on consoles too don’t you? Even Nintendo is selling DLC these days, so that card isn’t any good either. The only thing you probably won’t see on their systems are mods.

  • Feniks

    Still can’t believe I payed money for this shit. Well only the first one, learned my lesson.

  • RockstarRepublic

    Would like to see more Warcraft outside of the mmorpg. What happened to fantasy RTS these days? Its either sci-fi or historical.

  • luggage lad

    I haven’t played the other xpacs but man, Starcraft sure dumbed down its play with 2. It was really bland of a story and felt kinda, I don’t know, Disney. Didn’t have alot of the intrigue the first games had.

    Not rosetinting either because I played SC1/BW like a week before SC2 came out

  • Travis Touchdown

    Nintendo’s DLC plan is way better than most. Look at ARMS. All of that is free.

  • Neojames82

    Oh the South Koreans hate this game. Honestly most of the SC fans hate this game.

  • RandomDev

    Once my new RTS Builder is completed you will be free to make fantasy RTSs to play with your friends :)

  • Zanard Bell

    RTS in general has become a niche genre, sadly.

  • iswear12

    >Nintendo’s DLC plan is way better than most
    >look at ARMS
    >Don’t look at Sm4sh though
    >or Awakening
    >or SMT IV

    I suppose the last 2 aren’t technically first party nintendo though (maybe awakening might count though)
    ANYWAYS Sm4sh’s DLC model is so awful that they’ve cemented themselves as no better than their competition

  • RichardGristle

    Off the top of my head, I can’t name any hard modes in PC games that are behind paywalls.

  • RichardGristle

    I mean, it’s not as good as the first SC, but it’s literally the only nu-Blizzard game worth trying.

  • Travis Touchdown

    Because no one cares about PC games.