Super Mario Odyssey Now the Fastest Selling Super Mario Game in the USA

Nintendo has announced Super Mario Odyssey is now the fastest-selling game in franchise history within the USA.

The new milestone was reached after five days of sales after its global launch, where the game sold over 1.1 million units in the United States alone. The game has managed to sell over two millions units worldwide, a number reached within the first three days since its launch.

This means the game has even surpassed the New Super Mario Bros. Wii game. Furthermore, Super Mario Odyssey is also the fastest-selling game so far for Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario Odyssey is now available for the Nintendo Switch. In case you missed it, you can find our review for the game here (we highly recommend it!).

Brandon Orselli


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  • ProtomanBlues

    But the real question: Did it surpass Breath of the Wild’s over 100% attach rate? (I know it probably didn’t, it’s just still weird to hear it)

  • Michael Richardson

    BotW hasn’t had a 100% attach rate for a while now. It sold in three days what BotW sold in three months, I believe. Although the Switch is much more available right now, and more people own it.

  • BFG
  • Bitterbear

    People were buying BotW because we all know that Nintendo has the bad habit of doing a print run or two, and places like Gamestop just love to scalp the few copies that float around.

  • Dr. Roswell. W
  • ActivistZero
  • Travis Touchdown

    No one cares about sales.

  • Cwbintennessee Michael Winton

    Plus Ninty has quite a library of franchises they can draw from and nostalgia sells a lot of them imo, ie Zelda and Mario

  • OldPalpy

    And because really what else are they going to buy?

  • LaserCatsAreAwesome

    It will never actually surpass New Super Mario Bros.Wii in actual total sales, the fasting selling narrative was cooked up by the industry a couple years ago to confuse points like this.

  • Malcolm_Ecks

    Something we agree on.

  • Malcolm_Ecks
  • Malcolm_Ecks

    This. Its gonna be the same 1 million people that buy Xenoblade Chronicles 2 that have always bought Xenoblade games.

    Now its the long wait for the next Smash Bros game.

  • In the US, it’s around 42.4%, which is pretty solid for 5 days.

  • RetroGamer

    I do to the extent that they suggest good health for the company and a continuation of the games I like.

  • The Watcher

    Nintendo is all about NEStalgia. You are absolutely correct.

  • The Watcher

    “the fasting selling narrative was cooked up by the industry a couple years ago to confuse points like this.”

    You have good perception my friend.

    Why do you think the gaming media is trying hard to sensationalized every little bit of Nintendo Switch news nowadays?

    Are they promoting artificial competition?

  • Bu..but EA said.

  • Sony guys do.