17 Minutes of New Gameplay for Code Vein

We’ve gotten another look at Bandai Namco’s upcoming Dark Souls meets Bloodborne meets Demons Souls meets God Eater title, Code Vein.

Featured above, the new gameplay comes via IGN‘s ongoing “IGN First” spread of coverage.

It provides a more in-depth look at the game, which is commonly likened to some kind of Souls title in terms of combat – however it definitely appears to perform a bit faster in comparison.

Here’s a rundown on the game, via Bandai Namco:

Feast on the blood of enemies through a journey across a massive interconnected world to unlock its mysterious sanguine past in this thrilling action-RPG.

In the not too distant future, a mysterious disaster has brought collapse to the world, as we know it. Towering skyscrapers, once symbols of prosperity, are now lifeless graves of humanity’s past pierced by the Thorns of Judgment. At the center of the destruction lies a hidden society of Revenants called Vein. This final stronghold is where the remaining few fight to survive, blessed with Gifts of power in exchange for their memories and a thirst for blood. Give into the bloodlust fully and risk becoming one of the Lost, fiendish ghouls devoid of any remaining humanity.

CODE VEIN is a third-person action RPG that finds players assuming the role of a Revenant. After stumbling into Vein, players are tasked to embark into the world with a companion picked from the various residents of Vein to uncover lost memories and an exit out of this new demented reality. The world of CODE VEIN is dangerous, full of vicious enemies and monstrous bosses to put players’ combat skills to the test.

Revenants also have access to Blood Veils, devices capable of draining the blood of their enemies in order to enhance their own abilities. Exploiting these enhanced abilities known as Gifts, players can change their form to increase their strength, weaken enemies, and utilize new weapon abilities with overpowered attacks. Utilizing the vast array of weaponry along with each character’s Gift, players can adapt and strategize to a variety of battle conditions that suit their play styles.

Key Features

  • Unite to Survive – Featuring a story driven connected dungeon experience, dive into the world of Code Vein. Create your own character and choose your partner as you venture out into a world of destruction, overrun by the Lost. Use your combined strength to coordinate your approach and defend each other from surprise attacks or overpowered enemies using your Blood Veil and various weapons. Change the feel of the game depending on which partner you choose, each with their own combat style and background story.
  • Beneath the Veil – Experience the power of blood as you use unique Blood Veils to drain your enemies to enhance your abilities. Using “Gifts” powered by enemy blood, players can increase their strength, weaken enemies, and utilize new weapon abilities and overpowered attacks.
  • Great Challenge Brings Greater Rewards – Take on the Lost as you explore the malefic world of Code Vein. Choose from a myriad of weapons such as bayonets, axes and spears, to accommodate your favorite battle style. Apply strategy in your attacks through partnered coordination and Blood Veil enhancements, ready to bring down the most threatening enemies.

Code Vein is launching across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One sometime early next year, worldwide.

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    It will be a dark souls anime I liked.

  • chaoguy

    Will this be the first time jounros say “it’s like Dark Souls” and be correct?

  • Madbrainbox

    Looks really good so far.The sidekick is a pretty OP addition but since you can play without them it’s all good.

  • ProxyDoug

    The people behind Gods Eater can actually make compltetent games inspired by other IPs.
    It is weird to see anime characers moving so slow though, and the mix really doesn’t sit well with me, the enemies look staged for the enemy to find instead of just inhabiting the decadent world like in Dark Souls.
    It feels like they could have gotten something special but they tried to be too Dark Souls and got something halfway interesting.

  • Jack Thompson

    Nope. All the souls comparisons are as shallow as ever because this most resembles Bloodborne, not souls. I don’t think I’ve even seen you use a shield. Though, I’ve yet to watch this demo.

    Niche is one of few that even mentioned Bloodborne in passing instead of just going “Oh my god, it’s anime Dark Souls!”