House Republicans Make a Legend of Zelda Reference With Tax Reform Proposal

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In today’s episode of “How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?” we’re covering an interesting yet silly-named document House Republicans have put out on tax reform.

The document points to the original Legend of Zelda game being released back in 1986, the last year tax reform law was enacted.

While there are a multitude of reasons why tax reform in the United States is desperately needed (and you’re probably an idiot for not wanting a simpler and more intuitive tax system), the document also notes the game came out “one year after Nintendo’s founding in 1985.”

For those of us who don’t follow every little nugget of history from game companies, Nintendo actually started operation back in 1889 as a hanafuda playing card production company – you know, before frivolous things like televisions and video games.

Sadly, their attempt at connecting with a younger voter base had a goofy mistake.

Hey, maybe someday we’ll have a tax system that doesn’t require you hiring someone whose entire career is based on deducing whatever the hell the tax laws mean, just to file your taxes.

Brandon Orselli


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    1985 was the year that Nintendo became doomed forever.

  • Dr. Roswell. W

    That was Pathetic.

  • Uncle Ocelot


  • Captain Vidya

    Sweet, we have people in office that can’t be assed to do a 30 second double check on a company’s founding date.

  • Jettythesunfish

    Mah boi, this is not what all true warriors strive for.

  • DrearierSpider

    Just let Trump take the reigns insulting people if you want to connect with a younger demographic.

  • random

    Republicans continue to be awful.

  • AuraMaster DX (austin9568)

    I bet one of them was like “Man, it sure is boooring around here”

  • David Curry

    A (botched) 1986 reference is appealing to a younger voting base? Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan are about the right ages to be NES playing teens in the 80s.

  • Sad!

  • RetroGamer

    At least it doesn’t relate to the material from the picture.

  • But, but, how else will they get millenials to PokemonGo to the polls?

  • mewnani

    I guess we should thank our lucky stars they didn’t say it was Satanic.

  • Duce Ralli

    So democrats have PokemonGo to the polls, and Republicans have a botched Tax code reference to Zelda. And the young of both can stare in abject horror, cringe and facepalm.